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  • How long does it take for a refund to reach the customer?

    Refunds are sent  to your customer’s bank immediately. Money will be returned to your customer in 7-15 working days. Sometimes it can take longer.

  • What is the settlement procedure?

    Each Sunday we send money to your company bank account. We settle for free in AED.We transfer money only if you have > ~30$ in your balance.In rare cases, we can delay with payouts, but we will notify you about it.

  • How does the refund policy affect my account?

    You need your own refund, cancellation, and adjustment policy. It must be displayed to the cardholder during the order process either:
    On the same screen as the checkout screen indicating the total transaction amount.


    Within the sequence of web pages accessed by the cardholder before the final checkout.

  • Why have i not received my funds?

    The settlement period turnover depends solely on your signed agreement with the acquiring bank and it varies depending on the bank, region and agreement. We recommend to review your settlement date and in case you have not received the scheduled settlement cycle please contact to investigate with the acquirer.

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