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  • What is the installments service by Payfort?

    This service allows the customer to pay for the total amount of an order in installments. However, the merchant will be paid the full amount immediately.

  • In which countries does installments work?

    UAE Egypt KSA

  • Which banks does Installments work with?

    Emirates NBD ADCB Mashreq Dubai First CBD Mawarid Finance NCB SABB Bank AlJazira Saudi Hollandi bank Riyadh bank CIB Barclays

  • Does Payfort provide recurring or subscription billing?

    Yes, Payfort offers recurring billing that will allow you to charge your customer’s card a specific amount on a regular basis using the purchase operation configured in single message mode.

  • How does SADAD work?

    SADAD---KSA: SADAD account connects all Saudi consumers to modern payment channels, regardless of their payment preferences. We offer Sadad account for merchants residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) which will provide Saudi businesses with the means to accept payments from an even wider range of consumers. Expand your customer base with SADAD account that provides your business with an easy, secure and convenient payment platform online.

  • Does PAYFORT provide MasterPass?

    PAYFORT provides MasterPass that gives you a chance to inject a bit of extra security and convenience to the payment experience of your customers. The MasterPass button appears on your website checkout page allowing a consumer to interact with their MasterPass digital wallet seamlessly without having to leave your website.

  • Does PAYFORT offer Visacheckout?

    Yes, Make your customer’s online shopping experience more simple and convenient by implementing Visa checkout that securely stores the buyer’s credit card details, shipping address and any other information.Visa checkout can be offered through easy integration.

  • Does PAYFORT provide Invoicing?

    Yes, Get paid from social media or anywhere online with any of the payment options and services configured on your Merchant account by generating a payment link that you can easily send to your customers via email or SMS and when the customers click on the link they will be redirected to PAYFORT invoice payment page that displays the order details, amount to be paid and payment methods.

  • Does PAYFORT provide Tokenization service?

    Yes, The Token service allows the merchant to store the customer’s credit card details in a safe and secure environment and substituting the customer's sensitive card details with a non-sensitive equivalent referred to as a Token.The Token can be used to process transactions without the use of the card details.

  • Does PAYFORT provide Mobile SDK?

    Yes. Mobile SDK is a responsive checkout page optimized for screens of all sizes. Enabling you to easily accept In-App payments instead of the traditional, time-consuming, and complex way of being redirected to the mobile browser to complete the payment.

  • Does PAYFORT provide Merchant Page?

    Yes Version 2.0
    Merchant Page allows your customer to check-out on your website without being redirected to external sites.

  • If a refund is issued, how much will the merchant pay for it?

    Refund is free as well as the return percentage taken for the charge.

  • What Payment methods does FORT accept?

    What Payment methods does FORT accept?

  • Does PayFort provide recurring or subscription billing service?

    Yes, PayFort offers recurring billing that will allow you to charge your customer’s card a specific amount on a regular basis using the purchase operation configured in single message mode.

  • Which Banks provide SADAD this service?

    SABB and Al Rajhi in KSA

  • How can i get my SADAD Account?

    From local online banking, Each acquirer provides this to their customers in order to create SADAD Account
    You can access the below link giving you more information on how to get your SADAD Account

  • Do merchants need to integrate with Payfort for SADAD?

    Yes, while testing for the Credit card payment option, SADAD can be tested in parallel.

  • How much time does it take for the Payout/Reconciliation for SADAD?

    All transactions will be settled and reconsiled after the deduction of 1.5%
    Al Rajhi: Same day deposit
    SABB: 24 hours

  • How many domains can register under one commercial registration with SADAD?

    SADAD will register only one domain under one commercial registration.
    SADAD will not allow for a registration of two domains under the same commercial registration.

  • How to process refunds for SADAD? .. will it be through PayFort Back office?

    Each Acquirer will provide a SADAD portal to the Merchant for the processing of refunds as it is not possible from PayFort back office.

  • For how many days can we process Refunds for SADAD after a transaction is processed?

    SADAD allows only 30 days after a transaction is processed for a Refund, meaning after 30 days a refund is not possible.

  • What is the maximum limit for SADAD transaction?

    SADAD maximum transaction limit is 5000 SAR
    Depending on the business of merchant we can request SADAD to maximize the limit.

  • What is the maximum fees of SADAD?

    CAP of 75 SAR is the maximum fees for SADAD

  • Do Merchants need to sign an agreement?

    Yes there is a SADAD Agreement from the Acquirer Bank side

  • What is MADA?

    MADA is a new identity of the Saudi Payment Network (SPAN) and the advanced generation of the electronic payments in Saudi Arabia. It is a debit card issued by local banks in Saudi Arabia that allows a cardholder to access funds in their accounts. And it works in the same mechanism of regular ATMS cards with newer standards of security and added-value features.

  • How do MADA cards work?

    It connects all automated teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) terminals throughout the country to a central payment switch that in turn re-routes the financial transactions between a merchant’s bank and the card issuer bank. MADA cards can also be used to make online purchases.

  • Can MADA Cards be used outside of KSA?

    The system permits regional and global acceptance through connecting with other payment systems such as GCC Net, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express to provide MADA cardholders with a wider acceptance locally and overseas.

  • Does my business have to be setup in KSA to provide MADA Cards for my clients?

    No. The business can be registered in any of the countries that we are currently operative in (UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, and Kuwait)

  • How is the MADA Card checkout experience different to that of other debit/credit cards?

    Customers will go through the same payment experience as we are enabling MADA debit cards on our gateway through integrating with the scheme gateway as an additional processor which already supports a direct connectivity with MADA.

  • What are the commercial requirements in order to accept MADA cards on my website?

    • Signing MADA agreement
    • MADA MID (will be issued by the bank and will be configured by PAYFORT) once all documents are sent, the MID will take 10 business days to be issued
    • Updated signed Commercial Registrar (CR) and signed National ID from the bank authorized signatory
  • What are the operational steps for processing MADA transactions on my website & other channels?

    • MADA requires that all MADA transactions must have the 3D secure feature enabled. Since it is mandated by MADA, PAYFORT won’t approve the 3D Secure downgrade on MADA Transactions.
    • MADA requires that all MADA transactions should be on Single Message mode: Purchase. PAYFORT won’t permit dual message mode: authorization then capture so on configuration level only single message mode will be enabled.
    • If your account is already on Single Message mode (Purchase) and has 3D Secure enabled, no additional technical effort is required from your side. All the MID changes, routing and configuration for MADA card, will be handled by PAYFORT.
    • MADA logo should be displayed on your website/application.
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