• What is a Dashboard and why do I need it?

    A dashboard is a tool that allows you to view your business KPIs at a glance without the hassle of downloading a report and manipulating the data. This will help you to make informed decisions about your business by delivering all the required information in just a web page.

  • What can I do with the available Dashboard charts?

    You can hover the cursor over the charts to find additional details about the graph. Also the charts provide various views and can be changed to different currencies, channels, time periods etc.

    available Dashboard charts

    available Dashboard charts

    available Dashboard charts

  • Definitions of Dashboard KPIs?

    faq Definitions of Dashboard KPIs

    1) Successful transactions on Dashboard
    Successful transactions are the transactions for which the cardholder has been charged and provided the service or product being purchased. The amount against these successful transactions will definitely be credited to your bank account according to the agreed settlement period.

    2) Failed transactions on Dashboard
    Failed transactions are the transactions which did not complete the payment cycle and dropped off during a transaction, it also inidicates the transactions which are rejected by the card issuing banks for various reasons like Dropped, Insufficient funds, Expired card etc. Temporary statuses like On Hold and Processing are not a part of this section.

    3) Acceptance Ratio on Dashboard
    Acceptance ratio can be easily defined as the successful transaction percentage amongst the total processed transactions. We also remove the number of refunds while calculating this as they have already been counted once under Successful transactions.

    4) Refund ratio on Dashboard
    Refund ratio is the percentage of the refunds processed amongst the total number of successful transactions.

  • Why don’t the numbers on the dashboard match with the reports available in the back office?

    Since the purpose of the dashboard is to provide you with a high level picture of your performance, certain transaction statuses are not covered when calculating the numbers on the dashboard. In most cases, the difference in the numbers between the dashboard and the reports doesn’t affect the KPI trends significantly and is good enough to make a judgement of the actual performance.

  • How often does the data refresh on the dashboard?

    The data is shared real time on the dashboard and all you need to do is just refresh the page and the updated numbers will be displayed on the screen in the respective KPI section.

  • How can I create a dashboard of my own?

    Unfortunately, at this moment custom dashboards are not available. However, we are working on releasing more features in the future which will let you customize a dashboard of your selected KPIs.

  • Is there any limitation on the date range for Dashboard?

    There is no limitation on the date range and you can view transactions readily for the same day, day before that and the last month by using the options from the drop down list. You can also customize your date range using the ‘Custom Range’ option. Please ensure you click on ‘Apply’ after selecting the desired range.

  • Can I see the dashboard of all my sub-accounts at the same time?

    Unfortunately at this time the view is restricted to one account only and can be changed under the ‘Merchant account’ dropdown. However we are working on releasing more features in the future which will cover this requirement.

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