success stories

Success Stories

Discover the evolutionary business changes of our Partners

Abdulwahed Success Stories

Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Co. entered the region’s retail space in the 1960’s, opening it’s first store in Saudi Arabia. Since its launch, the company has experienced impressive growth and is now one of the region’s leading suppliers of smart lifestyle electronics.

In addition to a strong retail presence, their newly launched ecommerce platform has further expanded the company’s reach. They now help thousands of customers access photography equipment, home appliances, personal care products, audio & video entertainment, and much more, all from the comfort of their homes.

Tiger Aviation Success Stories

Tiger Aviation

Founded in 1989, Tiger Aviation Services (TAS) started out with just a handful of skilled traffic officers operating at Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. As the company grew, they remained focused on providing their customers with the very best handling services and constantly improved their operations. Today, TAS has become one of the fastest and most reliable handling agents in the market, providing exceptional services to over 500 air carriers.

Yumamia Success Stories


Founded by Belal El Borno and Mahmoud Maghraby, Yumamia is one of Egypt’s fastest growing food delivery apps with a clear focus on providing customers with junk-free and clean food delivered in less than 60 minutes. The company strives to make healthy takeaway the more convenient option when compared with traditional fast foods.

In addition to great food choices, Yumamia is also focused on making food delivery easier than ever for residents across Egypt. The platform’ s simple user interface means orders can be placed faster and with integrated payment solutions like online/ mobile credit card payments users no longer need to worry about having cash to order takeout.

B.Tech Success Stories


Established in 1997, B.TECH is one of Egypt’s leading retailers of appliances and consumer electronics. The company currently operates 70 stores across 28 governorates giving B.TECH one of the country’s top retail networks.

In addition to their brick and mortar locations, B.TECH has also ventured into the world of ecommerce. As of 2016 their online store has been providing Egyptians with easy access to their entire line of products.

Extra Success Stories


eXtra is the leading consumer electronics retailer in the GCC with over 42 stores in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman and was the first Saudi Arabian retailer to go online with a transactional website in 2011.

eXtra was established in 2003 in Saudi Arabia to provide customers with a full shopping experience for all aspects of consumer electronics and appliances. eXtra now has over 12 million customers with 42 branches in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. eXtra was recognized in 2004 as being in the top 100 brands in Saudi Arabia.

Nile Air Success Stories

Nile Air

Nile Air is the largest private airline in Egypt and it also operates as a full service carrier (offering business and economy class services) that provides scheduled services across the Middle East, Persian Gulf, Southern Europe, Asia and Africa.

The airline enrols a fleet of Airbus A320-200s & Airbus A321-200s and carries out service from both Cairo International Airport (Nile Air’s hub) and Alexandria’s Borg El Arab Airport.

They are focused on providing convenient services to their customer base and selling online Airline Tickets to all their destinations.