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Yumamia Success Stories

About Yumamia

Founded by Belal El Borno and Mahmoud Maghraby, Yumamia is one of Egypt’s fastest growing food delivery apps with a clear focus on providing customers with junk-free and clean food delivered in less than 60 minutes. The company strives to make healthy takeaway the more convenient option when compared with traditional fast foods.

In addition to great food choices, Yumamia is also focused on making food delivery easier than ever for residents across Egypt. The platform’ s simple user interface means orders can be placed faster and with integrated payment solutions like online/ mobile credit card payments users no longer need to worry about having cash to order takeout.

The company prides itself on providing a unique alternative to the usual fried, fatty, and unhealthy options that are often associated with delivery. For all their meals, Yumamia ensures that only premium ingredients are used and that top hygiene standards are followed.

Since its inception, Yumamia has continued to elevate the food delivery industry across Egypt by creating high quality products and leveraging the latest technology. With continued success in Egypt and plans to expand into the GCC in the near future, Yumamia is paving the way for healthy takeaway across the Middle East.

Yumamia Success Stories


When the concept for Yumamia first came about, Belal and Mahmoud both knew that online payments would be critical to creating a convenient service. They needed a payment solution that not only had a strong reputation in the region but was also flexible enough to integrate with their current application. Another key issue that had to be overcome was the creation of a business bank account to allow acceptance of credit card payments.

To get started they reached out to several e-commerce experts across the country and PAYFORT quickly reached the top of their list. PAYFORT offered excellent security and a trusted name for consumers in the region, but most importantly PAYFORT was able to support new businesses like Yumamia open their bank account to quickly start accepting credit card payments. All this combined with flexible integration solutions meant PAYFORT was the very best choice to get Yumamia to market quickly.

MOTO MID Acquisition and a Streamlined Checkout

When it comes to ordering food, a convenient checkout process is critical to customer satisfaction. This means removing as many barriers as possible and, thanks to PAYFORT, Yumamia was able to remove one of the largest obstacles, storing payment information. With industry leading security and a strong reputation, customers are comfortable saving their credit card information within the Yumamia app streamlining the checkout process and making repeat orders incredibly easy.

PAYFORT’s reputation goes far beyond customers as well and for Yumamia this provided additional support for getting up and running. In order to accept credit card payments over the phone, businesses requires a MOTO merchant identification number (MID) for their business bank account. For start-ups like Yumamia, this can be a challenging step to overcome, fortunately PAYFORT was able to help. “Securing our MOTO MID was a very convenient process” said Mahmoud, “We just filled out a form answering few questions and Payfort team took care of all the rest.”

The support doesn’t end there either, PAYFORT is passionate about seeing businesses in the region succeed. “What I like about the PAFORT team is that they support their partners beyond payment processing” Said Belal, “They give advice when needed and have an incredible network of VCs and investors that are eager to support successful businesses grow.”

Yumamia MOTO MID

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