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Tiger Aviation Success Stories

About Tiger Aviation

Founded in 1989, Tiger Aviation Services (TAS) started out with just a handful of skilled traffic officers operating at Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. As the company grew, they remained focused on providing their customers with the very best handling services and constantly improved their operations. Today, TAS has become one of the fastest and most reliable handling agents in the market, providing exceptional services to over 500 air carriers.

Customer satisfaction sits at the core of Tiger Aviation’s objectives and the company has received certificates of appreciation over the years that highlight their success. They are a member of two major international aviation organizations, the IATA and the NBAA, and carry out frequent quality and safety audits to ensure their procedures align with international standards.

Created with the goal of providing the very best aviation handling services, Tiger Aviation has consistently strived to become a leader in their field. With offices extending beyond Egypt into Russia and Western Europe, TAS has become the go-to choice to service virtually any type of flight. Be it scheduled, charter, cargo, ambulance or VIP, you can be sure TAS will have the perfect handling solution for your aircraft.

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As mentioned earlier, customer satisfaction has always been the top priority for Tiger Aviation and this extends to every aspect of their business, even payments. As a service provider that works with companies from around the world, providing their customers with a simple, reliable, and secure payment platform is a critical part of their success.

That’s where PAYFORT enters the Tiger Aviation story. After integrating our payment gateway into their invoicing system, TAS customers were able to pay invoices with credit cards online for the first time. More importantly, PAYFORT helped TAS process payments in any currency, providing flexibility for clients and saving Tiger the costs of foreign exchange.

“Before our partnership with PAYFORT, all credit card transactions would arrive in our accounts as EGP irrespective of the currency the client paid in.” said Aly Sheta the Deputy General Manager for Tiger. “Even though we’re a service provider and do not sell products online in the traditional sense, all our transactions are done online and PAYFORT has simplified the process immensely.”

Offline Sales Supported by Secure Online Payments

“PAYFORT has played a big role in helping us generate more international sales.” Aly Sheta continues,” we now work with clients from just about anywhere and are confident we have the easiest and most secure payment option in the aviation handling industry.”

Being a leader in the aviation handling industry, Tiger Aviation’s services are in high demand from a range of global air carriers. With PAYFORT handling their payments, TAS has been able to confidently work with clients from around the world knowing that no matter where that client is based their payments will be processed.

“I really believe that PAYFORT is the leading online payments service provider in Egypt and the Middle East.” Said Aly, “In the coming years we would love to see PAYFORT offer an alternative to the banks MPOS so we can process our offline transactions with the same easy and secure platform.”

Tiger Aviation Secure Online Payments

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And if you’re looking to learn more about Tiger Aviation Services you can visit their website here, or head over to there Facebook page for all their latest updates.