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Nile Air - Success Stories

About Nile Air

Nile Air is the largest private airline in Egypt and it also operates as a full service carrier (offering business and economy class services) that provides scheduled services across the Middle East, Persian Gulf, Southern Europe, Asia and Africa.

The airline enrols a fleet of Airbus A320-200s & Airbus A321-200s and carries out service from both Cairo International Airport (Nile Air’s hub) and Alexandria’s Borg El Arab Airport.

They are focused on providing convenient services to their customer base and selling online Airline Tickets to all their destinations.

Nile Air jet


From the moment Nile Air started offering online sales for their services, they knew that security and fraud prevention would be key concerns. To become successful, Nile Air needed a payment gateway that placed as much importance on customer protection as they did. That’s when Nile Air was introduced to PAYFORT and learned about their dedication to fraud prevention.

PAYFORT works closely with clients like Nile Air to ensure around the clock protection from hackers and fraudsters. They offer exceptional support and provide us with the confidence to accept payments from around the world.

The support from PAYFORT didn’t end there either. Nile Air deals with consumers from across the region and around the world which leads to settlements in dozens of different currencies. PAYFORT worked with Nile Air to support settlements in a wide range of currencies, even those that are restricted in the Egyptian market.

Thanks to the dedicated team at PAYFORT, Nile Air has enhanced its overall customer experience and seen a considerable drop in the number of fraudulent charges through their company. Overall this has made us more confident while expanding operations, thanks to PAYFORT we can now track all our customer activity and address complaints earlier and more effectively.

Fraud Management

No matter how large your business is, start-up or enterprise, PAYFORT will provide you with a bespoke fraud prevention strategy design from the bottom up to match your unique business needs. PAYFORT’s multilayer solution gives your business access to the latest fraud prevention technology and a team of dedicated risk management experts.

For Nile Air, this exceptional risk management let them focus on growing their business. . “With Payfort you have practically ZERO risk / Fraud in addition to maximum support and advice that would help maximize your sales” said Ahmed Oraby, Nile Air’s E-Commerce Manager.He continued “PAYFORT’s tools also gives us flexibility to manage our fraud prevention in-house while still maintaining access to their excellent services”.

After working with PAYFORT and their experienced team, Nile Air was able to achieve near 0% fraud levels and drastically improve their acceptance ratio.

Nile Air Fraud Management

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