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About B.TECH

Established in 1997, B.TECH is one of Egypt’s leading retailers of appliances and consumer electronics. The company currently operates 70 stores across 28 governorates giving B.TECH one of the country’s top retail networks.

In addition to their brick and mortar locations, B.TECH has also ventured into the world of ecommerce. As of 2016 their online store has been providing Egyptians with easy access to their entire line of products.

In a short time, the platform has changed the way Egyptians access their electronics and appliances through features such as free shipping for all products, 14 day free returns, and flexible financing options that allow consumers to pay in micro payment over up to 36 months.

Designed with the goal of making quality products accessible across Egypt, B.TECH is leading the country’s retail sector and empowering consumers along the way. Through their ecommerce platform they now bring together thousands of products and share them with consumers in one easy to access location.



When B.TECH decided to expand their business online they knew that they would need a strong payment partner. Already established as a successful retail chain, they had to be sure that their online store provided the same reliable service that their brick and mortar locations we’re known for.

A key challenge that needed to be overcome was catering to consumers who wanted to pay for products with credit cards but were concerned about the privacy of their payment data.

B.TECH started to research the top payment gateway solutions available in the region and quickly found PAYFORT, which not only provided the industry leading security they needed but also offered a quick and easy integration process.

For B.TECH it was the perfect solution and with support from the PAYFORT team they were able to get to market as fast as possible.

Growing Sales Through Risk Management

As one of Egypt’s leading providers of home appliances and consumer electronics, B.TECH’s top priority is to provide a smooth purchase process for users while minimizing their own risk of fraudulent charges.

Though credit card adoption is still quite new in the country, the payment option can still pose risks to companies that fail to put proper risk management in place.

PAYFORT was once again able to support in this area and worked closely with B.TECH to find the right balance of risk to maximize sales and minimize fraudulent charges.

“The PAYFORT team worked closely with us to enhance many aspects of user experience.” Said Mohamed Khattab at B.TECH. “They were able to increase our acceptance ratio through effective risk management and ultimately helped us to achieve more sales.”

Growing Sales Through Risk Management

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