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Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Co. entered the region’s retail space in the 1960’s, opening it’s first store in Saudi Arabia. Since its launch, the company has experienced impressive growth and is now one of the region’s leading suppliers of smart lifestyle electronics.

In addition to a strong retail presence, their newly launched ecommerce platform has further expanded the company’s reach. They now help thousands of customers access photography equipment, home appliances, personal care products, audio & video entertainment, and much more, all from the comfort of their homes. is dedicated to helping consumers find smart products that fit their modern lifestyle by carefully sourcing the finest products from around the world. They work closely with leading international brands to create an engaging, professional, and above all convenient, shopping experience.

Success Stories - Abdulwahed


When decided to expand their business into the ecommerce space, they knew that they would need a payment partner who shared their dedication to consumer-focused shopping. With a wide range of established retail locations, they needed a partner that could guarantee a smooth and reliable checkout process for everything from simple accessories, right up to big ticket items like televisions and home appliances.

Their first payment gateway failed to deliver the experience they needed and after some additional research, met PAYFORT. The PAYFORT team worked with in December of 2016 and provided a complete overview of the features that could be used to create a truly great online experience. After seeing the reporting suite, alternative payment options, and just how simple the integration process was, they knew they had found what they were looking for.

By February 2017 was ready to begin and within weeks they had a new checkout process that provided industry leading security, a great customer experience and best of all, improved conversion rates.

Education, Support, and Industry Leading Features

As one of the region’s leading providers of smart lifestyle electronics,’s top priority is to provide a smooth purchase experience for its users. PAYFORT was able to create that process by combining innovative features with industry leading education and support.

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Prior to PAYFORT, faced several problems with their payment provider one of the biggest of which was an unreliable checkout process that frequently suffered from redirection issues. PAYFORT fixed the problem by implementing their one-page checkout process on This created a far more user friendly experience and an excellent fraud management system.

PAYFORT also provided educational material to explain the SADAD payment system to consumers and built trust in the new system and continued to work closely with the technology team to quickly address issues.

Finally PAYFORT worked closely with to integrate leading payment gateway features such as Invoicing and Installments.

“Many of our clients prefer to contact us so we place orders on their behalf” said Rodolph Salem, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce at “The invoicing service provided by PAYFORT allows our staff to handle every aspect of the buying process and then share a simple payment link with our customers. Customers can receive the link via email or SMS and they can complete their payment in less than a minute!”

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Success Stories - Abdulwahed installments

“In addition to Invoicing, PAYFORT’s Installments feature is also very popular amongst our customers” Rodolph continued “We know PAYFORT is always working to add new banks to the installments program and with more participation we believe it will become a very exciting feature for our shoppers.”

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