Increase your conversion ratio by reaching wider range of consumers in KSA through SADAD Account

Sadaad Account
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SADAD account connects all Saudi consumers to modern payment channels, regardless of their payment preferences. We offer Sadad account for merchants residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) which will provide Saudi businesses with the means to accept payments from an even wider range of consumers. Expand your customer base with SADAD account that provides your business with an easy, secure and convenient payment platform online. Grant your products more visibility, facilitates accessibility and helps your business grow.

Give your customers a great and secure experience they will love

Safeguarding your payment channels with the latest security by offering

a powerful interface with easy integration & easier to comply with PCI standard.

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One Api


One Integration

Organizations find it difficult to keep integrating payment methods, tools and various APIs to help them grow and scale their business. We’ve solved this by having a One Easy Integration that covers all payment stack options that will be selected by you. Moreover, activating any feature in the payment stack ecosystem will automatically adjust the payment flow to include all options and features you choose to be in your payment stack.

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