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Marketers Are Investing in Customer Loyalty and You Should Be Too!

Drive Engagement – Customer loyalty programs help ensure customers stay engaged with your product or service over a longer timeline.

Graphic Design Jargon: Get the Most Out of Your Designer

It’s always nicer when you understand the language and jargon used in an industry. Being able to quickly and correctly identify concerns & then effectively communicate them means less headaches & more efficient projects.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Consumer Trends

There’s no doubt that the World Cup is set to have a big impact on consumer behavior. Here are the consumer trends you need to watch this World Cup.

Big Data Trends in 2017

Virtually everyone has heard the term big data, but do you really know what big data is and how it can help your organization?

PAYFORT’s Guide to Installments

A new television, a new washer and a dryer set, or even a dream vacation. In today’s connected world these big-ticket purchases aren’t as intimidating as they used to be… The reason why is… now you can buy it on Installments and pay over months.

How Digital Marketing Is Affecting Financial Organizations

Across the marketing landscape, algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence, bots, and a tsunami of other technologies are reshaping how financial service company engage with customers.

The Life Cycle of a Digital Consumer

A standard funnel is often structured in the following way; at the top you find “Awareness” with advertising bringing the product to the attention of potential buyers. Users then move through the funnel passing the stages of “Lead”, “Prospect” and eventually “Sale”.

What have you done to bring abandoned shopping carts back to life?

Abandoned shopping carts represent a substantial opportunity for crafty marketer. But by re-engaging with these customers in the right way you can often save what would otherwise be a lost sale.

The Shift in Online Grocery Shopping in KSA

We saw a lot of potential in this segment as the market is huge and the demand is high. So we’ve co-operated with one of the online grocery start up in Saudi called to take you through The shift in online grocery shopping in KSA and explore more the user behavior when it comes to purchase groceries online.

How to give better presentations

Have you ever been stuck in a presentation that just didn’t seem to end? Or even worse didn’t really seem to go anywhere or communicate anything? These types of presentations usually have a few things in common; the presenter isn’t organized, the pace is slow and is bogged down by trivial information, and worst of all they fail to accomplish their goal.

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