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Introducing the #StartUpStayUp initiative

Introducing the #StartUpStayUp initiative


Introducing the #StartUpStayUp initiative

Over the last few months, PAYFORT has witnessed first-hand the impact that recent changes in consumer demand have had on so many of our merchants and partners in the UAE, Egypt, KSA and beyond.

For this reason, and to show solidarity with over 100 startup and SME merchants who are feeling particularly vulnerable at the moment, we launched the #StartUpStayUp initiative – a multi-staged initiative to provide businesses with a well-needed boost during these uncertain times.

Providing Immediate Value to SMEs

What initially started with an idea to offer additional technical and service support to our partners, evolved into a robust package of offerings, driven forward by a three-monthdigital marketing campaign across multiple media channels. This includes organic, paid and influencer social campaigns, video content production, email marketing campaigns, and internal marketing promotions.

In the words of our Managing Director, Omar Soudodi, we wanted to be “helpful and provide immediate value to small businesses” by supporting their payment processes online and through implementing an integrated marketing campaign to drive awareness and online sales.

As additional support, we have temporarily waived maintenance fees for all startups and SMEs in several categories, including, food & beverage, groceries, home services, fashion, beauty, entertainment, health & fitness, automotive and e-learning.

Uniting Banks and Merchants

Leveraging our close relationship with large banks in the region, we were also able to collaborate on this supportive effort to find a collective solution. With the help of Emirates NBD Bank in the UAE, Commercial International Bank (CIB) in Egypt and The Saudi British Bank (SABB) in Saudi Arabia, we hope to reach more than 5 million people through an integrated SMS promotional campaign targeted at current banking customers.

This unique partnership highlights our ambition to unite both merchants and banks to create a supportive community that can withstand the current changes that are affecting the lives of so many around the world. After all, it is these small businesses that are so vital to the regional and global economy.

The Future Health of Small Businesses

Whether it’s a drop in sales due to fewer customers, or an unprecedented surge in online transactions putting pressure on payment infrastructure, PAYFORT is dedicated to offering businesses ongoing support and guidance through its #StartUpStayUp campaign, to overcome increased vulnerability during the current climate.

Our biggest hope is that through this collaborative commitment to the future health of small businesses, we will give SMEs the boost they need to keep offering value and diversity to the Middle East’s maturing economy, for many years to come.

Finally, we hope that with the many exciting deals, offers and coupons that merchants are now offering as part of the #stayUPBEAT sales campaign, citizens in the Middle East can also benefit from this initiative and join together to support the brands and stores they love. If you would like to learn more about this initiative and its intended impact, take a look at our recent press release.

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Mohamed Abdallah

Regional Marketing Manager

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