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Last Minute Halloween Marketing Tactics

Last Minute Halloween Marketing Tactics


Last Minute Halloween Marketing Tactics

Halloween isn’t traditionally considered a “major sales holiday” but as ecommerce continues to grow, more and more people are looking to online shopping for help with their Halloween shopping needs.

Don’t believe us? Just look at these stats from the National Retail Federation:

  • Halloween spending reached a record-breaking $9.1 billion in 2017 (up from $8.4 billion in 2016) — and it will match or surpass that in 2018.
  • Consumers spend $3.2 billion on costumes and $2.7 billion on decorations annually.
  • The average household spent $86.13 on Halloween merchandise.

In today’s guide, we’re going to show you how to capitalize on Halloween’s growing ecommerce market with three last minute marketing tactics that will put your store in the Halloween spirit.

1. Give Your Store a Halloween Themed Makeover

Give Your Store a Halloween Themed Makeover

If you were running a brick and mortar location, putting up decorations to get in the Halloween spirit would be a no brainer and when it comes to your ecommerce website the choice to “decorate” should be just as obvious. Adding some fun Halloween touches to your online store is a great way to put your customers in the mood and demonstrate that you’re a fun-loving brand.

Here are some design tips you can implement without needing to break the bank on a developer:

  • Create Halloween themed versions of your hero banners to show off your Halloween products & bundles (more on bundles in tip #3).
  • Create a Halloween landing page using spooky font combinations, like Creepster and Open Sans or Eater and Roboto Light.
  • Use simple HTML and CSS code to create a Halloween version of your logo whenever someone hovers over it.

2. Create Halloween DIY Craft Projects Featuring Your Products

Create Halloween DIY Craft Projects Featuring Your Products

The phrase “Halloween crafts” gets over 100,000 Google searches per year and that doesn’t even include the people who search for “Halloween crafts” on YouTube or Pinterest. What does this mean? People LOVE Halloween crafts and as an ecommerce business you can capitalize on this fact.

By building your own Halloween crafts (preferably using your own products in some way) and then creating a blog post and/or video with step-by-step instructions, you can capture some of this organic traffic and promote your products.

In addition to creating an article or video, you can also create a printable worksheet with the steps to help your readers do everything without needing their computer or phone. These printable worksheets are a great content ‘upsell’ that can also be used to capture a visitor’s email address. Once you’ve made your craft guides, don’t forget to:

  • Send it to your email list (with a Halloween-themed email template, of course).
  • Share it 2-3 times on social media close to Halloween.
  • Consider allocating a small advertising budget to get the content in front of more eyeballs.

3. Create Halloween-Inspired Product Bundles

Create Halloween-Inspired Product Bundles

When it comes to Halloween marketing, you’re going to need Halloween-themed bundles. This is usually pretty easy when you sell something like home décor but what if you sell something that has nothing to do with Halloween — like, say, knitting kits or car parts? Don’t worry even if the products in your bundle aren’t related to Halloween you can still create a Halloween sale around them to attract more business.

Not sure what products to bundle? Here are two common methods:

  1. Create a bundle that makes sense. Accessories that go with a main product, or refills for something consumable.
  2. Put together your best sellers. Check your analytics to see your top 2-5 best-selling products and put them all in one package.

Once you’ve created the bundles, tie them in with Halloween by using fun wording like “Don’t be scared to run out of X this Halloween” or “Don’t be afraid of bumps in the night — get our new spooky product bundles while they last!”


There’s no shortage of innovative Halloween marketing ideas out there that can promote your business and drive sales, but not all of them are easy to complete and effective on a short timeline. We hope that these three last minute tips will help you get the most out of your ecommerce business this Halloween season.


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