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3 Strategies to Convert Blog Visitors into Customers

3 Strategies to Convert Blog Visitors into Customers


3 Strategies to Convert Blog Visitors into Customers

If your business is investing in a blog, you probably already know how effective a well curated blog can be when it comes to creating a brand. As your blog grows, it’s exciting to see your reputation grow as a thought leader in your industry and also see your content create new business opportunities.

But are your blog readers turning into customers? Unfortunately, simply growing the number of blog subscribers and visitors doesn’t always translate into more conversion. In fact, it’s entirely possible to experience a surge in traffic and gain little when it comes to sales.

This of course is a problem – because even though blog posts are meant to provide information and entertainment, their core purpose is to gain more customers. If your posts are bringing in research traffic only to have those users buy from one of you competitors, what’s the point?

This week we’re going to be looking at 3 conversion optimization tips to help you convert your blog visitors into ecommerce customers.

Readers Skim — Make it Easy for Them

Readers Skim — Make it Easy for Them

In today’s online world, people have short attention spans and the reality is that they’re unlikely to read all your content thoroughly. You can always check your average session durations on analytics, but odds are they’ll be lower than you expect. Readers these days will often skim through the article to get the gist of it, so it’s best to format your content in a way that’s easy for those “skim readers” to digest.

  • Make sure all paragraphs are short with no more than 3 to 4 sentences
  • Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points wherever applicable
  • Add pictures related to the content that provides a visual explanation of the content in your article
  • Choose a clear and visible font

Finally, capitalization and highlighting with bold or italics is also a great way to draw attention to key messages and your call-to-actions.

Link to Sales Pages

Link to Sales Pages

Not all links are disruptive and distracting. In fact, some links can actively encourage conversation and ultimately help increase sales. Plan to incorporate links to your products or services at key points in your articles. Links to sales pages mean customers don’t have to search for products or services themselves and can step into the next section of the sales funnel without delay.

When customers read your blog, you’re building traction that can ultimately lead to a conversion. If you interrupt the flow by forcing the customer to look for products and services related to the content, you’ll lose that traction.

Market Your Content

Market Your Content

Promoting content on social media, offering free giveaways in exchange for subscriptions and email addresses, sending newsletters, and encouraging people to share your posts with their connections are all great ways to increase the impact of your content. Promotion will lead to larger audiences that ultimately lead to more conversions.

You can also engage your audience to engage in the comments section and plan to directly reply to any questions or comments they have. Answering a question promptly builds confidence and can encourage customers convert.


These are just a few strategies you can use to get the most out of your businesses’ blog but don’t forget, there are several factors that can lead to poor conversion rates. If you’re in the middle of an economic downturn or your product just isn’t very good – then your blog likely won’t convert to sales no matter how well-written and well-targeted the content is. You can’t influence factors that are out of your control, but the steps mentioned above can help you steadily increase sales and develop a good converting customer base from your blog readers.


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Sr.Marketing Specialist PAYFORT

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