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How to Design A Better Product Page


How to Design A Better Product Page

When it comes to managing the content on your ecommerce website there are no pages more important than your product pages. A great product helps convert users into customers and they also play a critical role in getting your customers the information they need to make an informed purchase.

With today’s wide range of design techniques, there are more ways than ever to present product information and entice buyers. In this article, we’ll cover four tips to ensure your product pages are built for success.

1. Write a Great Product Description

Write a Great Product Description

According to Nielsen Norman Group, the key to writing effective product descriptions is to keep them short and relevant, the best product descriptions should be scannable, concise, and objective. This type of content was shown to improve conversion by up 124% when compared to long form descriptions on the same products.

To create scannable content, the best tool at your disposal is the simple bulleted list. Including the most important product information in 3-5 short bullet points will help ensure they’re read by users. These bullets should then be wrapped with concise full sentence content (1-4 sentences) describing the product. Finally, the content should always be objective and describes the product honestly rather than exaggerating benefits. Customers want to make an informed decision but they don’t like descriptions that are too salesy.

2. Choose the Right Product Images

Choose the Right Product Images

A product’s photos are the first thing a user sees when they land on your product page and they are going to have an immediate impact on how your products (and your store) are viewed. Aside from the initial first impression, product photos also play a critical role in conveying additional information to a shopper. Product photography done well can help a consumer be sure that your product is right for them and can even decrease the amount of resources you need to spend on customer service and returns.

A good product page should have consistent, high quality images that showcase multiple angles of the product. In addition to quality images, having a product image zoom feature allows customers to get a better view of your product images that are expected on modern shops. Lastly, having a product video can increase conversion rates according to Kissmetrics. According to the blog, site visitors are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a video on a website.

3. Feature Recommended Products

Feature Recommended Products

Having recommended products on your product pages are a great way to encourage customers to stay on your site a little longer and increase your average order size. When it comes to deciding what products to include in the recommended section it’s important to avoid having products that are too similar to the product they’re currently browsing. Instead, try to focus on complementary products that are commonly purchased along side the item they are browsing.

For example, if a user is browsing blouses, rather than showing four other blouses your company offers, consider showing complementary items like shoes, skirts, or pants that go well with the item.

4. Include Customer Reviews

Include Customer Reviews

In todays ecommerce environment having customer reviews on your product page is essential. According to eMarketer, customer reviews are 12x more trusted than descriptions from the manufacturer. If you’re already successfully driving traffic to a product’s page, a few positive reviews can give your users the extra push they need to make a purchase. In fact, a recent report by Internet Retailer showed that websites with highly visible, generally positive product reviews saw conversion rates 14-76% higher than stores that didn’t have them.


In this post we’ve broadly covered some of the most important areas to consider when designing a product page. By including the above elements and following these guidelines, you’ll have a product page that provides a great shopping experience for your customers and enjoy higher conversion rates as a result.


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Seham Syed

Sr. Visual Designer - PAYFORT

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