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What is Brand Consistency and Why Does It Matter?



What is Brand Consistency and Why Does It Matter?

In today’s marketing landscape, there’s no shortage of touch points available for organizations looking to engage with consumers and promote their brand. Many companies are fully aware that in order to survive and stay relevant, they must be prepared to maintain a constant presence across multiple platforms, both digital and physical.

Despite this almost universal understanding however, not all brands are successful when it comes to leveraging the various platforms that make up our modern advertising landscape. This week, we’ll be looking at the concept of brand consistency and explaining why this concept should be at the forefront of your multichannel marketing strategy.

What is Brand Consistency?

Before we dive into some strategies around brand consistency, it is important to understand what the term means:

  • Brand Identity

An organization’s brand identity encapsulates everything that makes them unique. This includes things like their mission statement, brand vision, logos, colors, practices, tone, as well as any other factors that form the character of the company.

  • Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines on the other hand, refer to a set rules that company employee’s can follow to understand how a company should be using their assets to portray itself. As an example, an organization’s brand guideline may specify that a logo only be used on specific backgrounds or that it must be a particular size when placed in advertisements.

At it’s core Brand Consistency simply refers to how well your company’s marketing efforts fall inline with the established identity of your organization and whether or not it respects the rules and guidelines that were established to maintain that brand’s identity in the first place.

Consider the 4 Foundations of Branding Consistency

Brand consistency is a very complex process that follows a certain methodology, especially when it comes to multichannel marketing. To ensure that your brand meets its consistency standards, take into account the following factors:

  • Posting Frequency

On social platforms, your posting frequency can make or break your company’s online presence. Even the best social media accounts can fall into obscurity if your posting frequency is poor. It’s important to establish a predictable schedule (for example, three posts per day, in the morning, afternoon and evening) and stick with it. If you decide to change your posting frequency, make sure that you consult you platforms analytics and that the change is backed up by data.

  • Watermarks + Logos

These design elements are an essential part of maintaining brand consistency across a range of platforms. As a rule, you should make sure that all images you post include some type of watermark or logo that can help customers identify the content as yours. In addition to helping with brand recognition this strategy can also help reduce the risk of people stealing your content.

  • Visual Identity

Speaking of images, you’ll want to make sure that they are unique, and avoid using stock images as much as possible. When it comes to establishing a consistent brand identity, it is recommended you shoot your own images for two key reasons: First, followers will identify the images with your brand exclusively and second, it gives full control to your organization’s visual marketing style letting you present your brand identity exactly the way you want.

  • Consistent Language and Naming Conventions

The name of your company should be the same across all platforms, no exceptions — if you want to use a nickname, slang term, or abbreviation, make sure that you are consistent across all platforms. Your organization’s name is the most fundamental part of its identity and it should only be modified after careful consideration.


Building and maintaining a clear brand identity is not an easy feat, especially in the context of multichannel marketing. But by implementing the strategies above, you can take a strong first step towards making sure that your brand is consistent across all mediums.


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Seham Syed

Sr. Visual Designer - PAYFORT

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