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3 Tips to Gain Consumer Trust as an Ecommerce Business



3 Tips to Gain Consumer Trust as an Ecommerce Business

The old adage “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair” has rung true for decades in the business world and when it comes to ecommerce the expression is doubly true. Today’s consumers have a plethora of other options for making purchases online and if they don’t trust your business there are plenty of competitors eager to sell to them.

This week we’ll be looking at 3 tips to help gain consumer trust, so your business can continue to grow a loyal customer base and thrive into the future.

Customer Trust Tip #1:

Make Sure the Checkout Process is Smooth

When users land on your website, their first impression will be critical but even if that impression is a great one, it won’t mean much if they have to struggle to make a purchase. Your website’s ability to turn visitors into paying customers is critical to success and doing so effectively requires a reliable and secure checkout process.

Creating a smooth checkout process depends on a number of factors including UX optimization, secure payment gateways, and a support network that can quickly resolve any issues that may arise. It can be challenging to get your checkout optimized but taking the time to get it right will pay dividends in the long-term.

Customer Trust Tip #2:

Leverage Media Coverage and High Profile Customers

When a new user clicks on one of your calls-to-action, they will almost always look for further verification that your business is legitimate before they complete their purchase. This is where media coverage can work wonders.

By listing major media outlets that have featured your product or service, you can instantly increase consumer confidence. When you think about it this makes a lot of sense, trust is something that trickles down and if your website has been featured by famous newspapers and Top 100 websites, that clout will rub off on you.

If media coverage isn’t an option for your business, you can also leverage some of your most well-known customers to increase trust. Partnerships with government organizations, universities and even reputable local businesses can provide the same bump to your reputation as positive media coverage. By showing potential customers that other high-profile organizations trust you makes it much easier for them to do the same when making a purchase.

Customer Trust Key #3:

Get Your Business Visible in Search Engines

There are a few different ways to put your brand in the minds of internet denizens, but few are as effective as being visible in Search Engines. When it comes to increasing your search engine visibility there are a few options, some require more money and less time (Search Engine Marketing) and others require a substantial amount of time but a lot less money (Search Engine Optimization). The right choice for you will depend on how you want to run your business and the financial resources you have available.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re leaning toward the less expensive option, you’re going to have to be ready to put in some serious work. SEO is a massive topic in itself and there’s no shortage of resources available for ecommerce businesses to improve their organic traffic but, in short, you will need:

  • To write pieces for other websites: This establishes your knowledge and authority and gets you valuable backlinks to your site.
  • A well-structured website built to target keywords you hope to rank for.
  • A regularly updated blog where you display your industry expertise.
Online Advertising

Google AdWords is often considered to be a marketing tool but it’s also a helpful tool for building the credibility of your business. Not to mention, it can help you immediately by:

  • Getting your name in front of customers who are on the lookout for products in your industry.
  • Making sales immediately rather than waiting for organic traffic to develop.
  • Reconnecting with users who already visited your site.
  • Measuring how effective your sales funnel is (if you’re not converting any customers, then you may need to tweak some things on your website).


There’s a lot of noise on the internet, and it can make life for consumers difficult. If you can prove that you’re running a legit business and not just out to make a quick buck, customers will notice. Proving your legitimacy and creating that business to customer trust takes energy but if you build a reputation of trustworthiness it will generate more customers and improve your bottom line.


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