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Tips to Get Your Ecommerce Ready for Valentines Day



Tips to Get Your Ecommerce Ready for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you operate an ecommerce business we bet you’re already thinking about how you can leverage the event to boost your sales. There are a few products that are considered ‘staples’ for Valentine’s Day, such as greeting cards, candy, flowers, and date night packages, but even if your business doesn’t sell any of these you can still capitalize on the event.

This week, we’re sharing three actionable tips that can help you prepare your website for the Valentine’s Day rush and make the most of the love filled day.

1.Create a romantic look for your website

Your website’s look and feel should be one of the first things you’ll want to consider in preparation for the event. Taking a bit of time to update the look and feel so that it matches the aesthetic of Valentine’s Day is a great way to engage your customers. A website that captures the spirit of Valentine’s Day will enhance the buying experience and can even trigger them to make larger purchases.

With all that said, we don’t recommend creating a brand-new website from scratch just for Valentine’s Day. Instead, focus on the following three additions that can be implemented quickly and with minimal resources.

  • Welcome Pop-up

Designing a romantic popup that appears when customers land on your website is a great way to capture attention and by combining the pop-up with a Valentine’s Day discount, it will boost engagement and can even provide a potential email capture option.

  • Banner on homepage slider

Making a custom banner and adding it to your website’s home slider is another great way to put Valentine’s day front and center without a substantial redesign. It is also a great place to highlight special promotions, featured products, and flash sales as most of new visitors will first visit the homepage of your store.

  • Dedicated navigation tabs

If space is limited or you don’t want to add a dedicated homepage banner, placing an additional tab on your website’s navigation that pushes customers to your Valentine’s Day products will keep the event visible across the website without being overwhelming.

2.Offer a Valentine’s themed product bundle

Bundling products is a common technique to boost average order size and the strategy is used by ecommerce companies throughout the year. When it comes to holiday’s however, it becomes a particularly lucrative option. While certain products – flowers, jewellery, handbags, perfume/aftershave – will naturally be associated with Valentine’s Day, it’s worth reviewing your entire product line and thinking about how other items can be positioned as Valentine’s gifts.

As an example, you may sell smartphone cases all year round but, by collecting cases that match the romantic aesthetic of the day and pairing them with a more traditional gifts, you can boost sales for a product that wouldn’t usually be associated with Valentine’s Day.

3.Organize your inventory by demographics and interests

A major goal for every ecommerce website is to minimize friction and make it as easy as possible for potential customers to make a purchase. When it comes to seasonal events, one of the best ways to do this is to organize relevant inventory into easy to navigate categories that match the buying behavior of your customers.

For Valentine’s Day, the most basic example is organizing your products into ‘Gifts for Him’ and ‘Gifts for Her’, but if you want to provide even more options consider segmenting by price or product type such as ‘Valentines Gifts Under $50’ or ‘Jewelry Gifts for Her’.


Even if your business doesn’t sell candy or flowers, by making a few simple changes to your ecommerce site you can still turn Valentine’s Day into a success story for your brand. As with anything in the world of ecommerce, what’s right for your business will depend on your own objectives and resources, but by taking the time to think about your audience you can create the perfect Valentine’s Day experience on your ecommerce site.


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Sr.Marketing Specialist PAYFORT

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