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Don’t Let These 4 Ecommerce Mistakes Haunt Your Business 👻



Don’t Let These 4 Ecommerce Mistakes Haunt Your Business 👻

Hackers, bad press, frozen payments, oh no!

October is a month notorious for spooktacular chills and thrills, but if there’s one thing all ecommerce business owners can agree on it’s that when it comes to their online store, anything resembling a horror story should be avoided.

What kinds of horror stories are we talking about? The kind that go bump in the night — or worse during the hour when traffic to your site is its heaviest. More often than not these are simple mistakes that can be remedied with a little hard work but if you’re not aware of them they can quickly turn into something much scarier.

Problems can spring out of the shadows at any moment, but don’t fear! We are here to help alleviate some of your top eCommerce fears. This week to celebrate the Halloween festivities we’ve rounded up the most spine-tingling examples of ecommerce mistakes that can haunt your business.

Read on to find more about them, if you dare…

Mishandling Negative Attention

Social media and review sites have empowered consumers to speak their mind about ecommerce companies, but the reality is this feedback won’t always be positive. Bad publicity is an inevitability in the ecommerce world and will ultimately cause some hiccups for your team at one point or another.

When dealing with negative comments or criticism, try to be both brief and respectful. Let commenters know that their feedback is appreciated but don’t dwell on it for too long either. And always remember that on the web there is no privacy so if you respond with frustration or anger, the whole world will see it. Scared yet?


Just like pests in the real-world pests, hackers aren’t a problem until they are and by that point it’s probably too late. There are many different ways to defend against cyber-attacks but one of the best (and simplest) is to educate your employees and make sure they understand how to protect company data. A hacker can be worse than even the cruellest horror movie monster but if they can’t get access to you company’s info they’re far less scary.

Payments Services Frozen

Getting locked out of your payment provider can be a nightmare, especially during a busy holiday or event. With no means to take payments, you can kiss your revenue, and in some cases your business, good bye.

The best measure to take against account shutdown is to be aware of your company’s usual sales activity and identify risky behaviour early. Are you receiving higher than normal chargebacks, refunds, or declines? Are suspicious (out of the ordinary) purchases being made? If you see unusual activity be prepared to collect evidence in case your account is flagged. Most companies will look for the following if you want to dispute an account shutdown:

  • Sales receipt
  • Order form
  • Tracking numbers
  • Any communication between you and your customer
  • Any delivery confirmation (physical: cardholder’s signature or ID at pick up / digital: IP address, email address, date and time items were downloaded)

Little or No Foresight

As a business owner, you should always be thinking a few steps ahead. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll miss opportunities and hit obstacles hard. A key example is the upcoming holiday season. We are fast approaching the busiest season for ecommerce activity. This means marketing campaigns need to be planned, budgets need to be established, and product stocks confirmed. If you don’t plan your holiday strategy early enough, you’ll be missing out and giving your competitors a major advantage. Similarly, a sudden increase in sales can often catch businesses off guard. If you do not have enough stock, you’ll not only end up losing a large number of sales, but you will also tarnish your reputation.


There are a lot of scary situations that eCommerce businesses must deal with but knowing what they are and preparing yourself for them will help you through the issue when it arises.

Do you have any terrifying ecommerce experiences? Are any of these issues haunting your ecommerce store right now? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and if you’re looking for more great ecommerce content check us out on Twitter @PAYFORT.

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Dalia El Gammal

Sr.Marketing Specialist PAYFORT

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