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10 Email Marketing Essentials in 2018



10 Email Marketing Essentials in 2018

We’re well into 2018 and unsurprisingly email marketing continues to be one of the top performing tactics to drive traffic and push users towards conversion. Each year brings new opportunities to be more human, more helpful, and more holistic with your email marketing efforts.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a timely and relevant email promotion to help kick-start your sales, but in the haste of trying to be timely it is surprisingly easy to make mistakes that can impact your results. Composition issues, missing information, and typos are all unacceptable in today’s competitive marketing space.

To help you get your email marketing efforts on track, this week we’re sharing a checklist of 10 items that every successful marketing email needs to have. If your business is sending emails to customers you’re going to want to keep reading.

Subject line

Subject lines are arguably the most important part of your email campaign. A subject line should be short, concise, and clearly explain the content of the message. Be sure to use language that steers the user toward the desired conversion path and primes them for the offer (or offers) inside.


A preheader is the portion of the email that appears under the subject line in the preview pane of the email and they are surprisingly underutilized in modern email campaigns. When writing a successful preheader avoid repeating the words used in the subject line and instead use it to expand on the key message of your email and generate further interest from readers.

Correct Personalization

The age of generic emails is over and the age of true personalization is here. When done correctly personalization increases conversions and helps to build a stronger relationship with your customers but when done wrong it tends to have the opposite effect.

It’s therefore extremely important to review and test your data before sending anything customized to customers. A good strategy is to compose emails that can use default values if any data is missing. For example, use a default value of “Customer” when the first name is missing from your database.

Unsubscribe link

Email marketing is an incredibly effective platform but it has also gained a reputation as one of the most annoying. To help elevate the tension it’s important that you give you consumers an easy way to unsubscribe from your campaigns. It may seem counterintuitive but by providing an easy way to remove themselves you’ll avoid a lot of negative perceptions about you business. Luckily most major email service providers have effective unsubscribe functionality built-in by default.

Ability to reply

Believe it or not, subscribers will occasionally try to reply directly to marketing messages. In these cases it’s nice to have access to the email account that serves as the reply-to address for your email communications. These customers are already highly engaged and you don’t want to miss out on hot lead just because you’re not checking an inbox.

Call to action

Unless your message is solely focused on branding or providing information, every email needs to have a clear call to action that pushes customers along the conversion pathway. Be sure to consider the wide range of devices used by today’s consumers and make the landing experience is great on mobile as well as desktop.

Mobile rendering

How content is displayed will vary depending on device and email of the client so before you send out your email, make sure you preview the content on mobile. It can be difficult to find an email template that’s perfect for every device and client so be sure to focus on the most common ones first.

Appropriate audience

Segmentation has become a staple of email marketing in the last few years and allows for much more tactical campaigns compared to the early days of email marketing. Segmenting your audience based on recent purchases or demographic data provides great opportunities but make sure the offer and message are appropriate for the segment that you are sending to.

Links that work and track

One of the most tedious tasks associated with marketing emails is checking that links work correctly and that they track correctly on platforms such as Google Analytics. But the reality is broken or incorrect links and dysfunctional tracking parameters can completely undermine the results of a campaign. Think of the old adage “Measure twice, cut once” when finalizing a campaign.

Offer code

Offer codes are a powerful tool to boost engagement and drive conversions but the nature of email marketing means they need to used a bit differently than on other marketing channels. For example, emails can sometimes sit for several days before a user opens them, so offers that expire the same day can actually leave customers feeling cheated rather than having the desired effect. As much as possible give your consumers 2 – 3 days to receive, open, and act on the offer.

Is your organization still using email marketing? What tactics do you use to boost conversions and keep your customers engaged? We want to hear from you so share your comments below or reach out to us on Twitter and if you’re looking to supercharge your email marketing campaign check out our article on How to Combine the Power of Email and Social Marketing.


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