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The Secret to convert your website visitors to customers



The Secret to convert your website visitors to customers

Whether you’re an established ecommerce giant or a brand-new start-up, online stores all share one thing in common, most visitors that come to a website aren’t ready to make a purchase. With that in mind, it’s up to the business to create a user experience that nudges the consumer towards buying their products. This is where micro conversions come into play.

A micro conversion is a simple action that users can take to show interest in the products or services you sell. They help build the excitement and trust that shoppers need to make a purchase and serve as an important building block for branding, sales, and overall customer loyalty.

This week we’re looking at some of the most common micro conversions strategies that businesses are using today and highlight how you can start incorporating them into your business.

Identify and Measure your Micro conversions

When a customer lands on your website, ideally, they’ll navigate to a product page, add an item to their cart, and then check out. But what happens to the rest of your visitors, the ones that aren’t the ideal case and don’t complete a purchase?

The exact behavior will vary from user to user, but odds are they will either leave and never return, research at other sites and return to purchase from yours, or bookmark or favorite a product in hopes of buying at a later date. By incorporating micro conversions into your website, you give the user an opportunity to interact with and start a relationship with your business. When done correctly this relationship builds trust and gives that user reason to return to your website.

Sample List of the ‘Most Important Micro Conversions’

  • Signing up for an email newsletter

Email remains one of the best ways to stay in touch with shoppers and users that signup and are much more likely to reengage with your business.

  • Searching for products or ideas

Even if a user isn’t buying, the use of your site’s search indicates interest. By providing a way to act on that interest you are building a stronger relationship with your users.

  • Sharing products or content via email or social media

People sharing one of your products is a great sign of trust and indicates a strong interest from users.

  • Watching video

Shoppers that spend time watching your videos are likely interested in your products and by providing quality content you can encourage them to return to your website frequently.

  • Creating an account

Creating an optional account indicates the desire to shop with your organization. If you can also provide a way to save items to a wish list or ‘purchase soon’ list, you create a valuable reason to com back to your website.

  • Using interactive tools

Using product comparison tools or entering personal details to see specific recommendations adds value to the users shopping experience.

The important thing about all these actions is that shoppers can complete them whether or not they make a purchase. By providing just one or two of these options you can create an easy way to engage with customers even if they don’t make a purchase during that visit and create value for them to encourage a return visit.

How to Encourage Micro Conversions

When using micro conversions on your website it’s important to track what a visitor does leading up to and immediately after completing the action. This tells you more about the visitor’s intent and can also help identify what is the best way to engage that customer in the future.

But none of that information will matter if users aren’t completing the actions in the first place. Here are a few tips you can use to encourage micro conversions.

  • Offer something of value in exchange for an email address

This could be coupons, access to special products, exclusive membership discounts, or personalized content.

  • Produce and host short and compelling videos

The more value your videos provide, the more likely users will return.

  • Display recommendations after various actions

Product recommendations that are personalized convert the best and displaying personalized recommendations after visitors run searches, add items to lists, or create accounts will keep them engaged and coming back to your website.

  • Offer relevant or alternative product comparisons

If a visitor isn’t thrilled with the features of two or more compared products make sure you provide an easy way to run additional comparisons, as well as links to a few related items.

  • Respond to contact requests quickly

People who take the time to reach out for information have shown considerable interest in your products so don’t delay getting them the info they need.


Micro conversions are an important tool in attracting new customers and keeping current customers engaged with your brand. They can reveal insights about website and help to identify opportunities for improvement. Having a clear understanding of micro conversions helps you to become a better analyst/ marketer and provides a broader look at how people use your site.

Are you currently using any of the micro conversions we mentioned on your ecommerce website? Are there any conversions we didn’t include that you think are important? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and if you’re looking for more great PAYFORT content be sure to follow us on Twitter.


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