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4 Simple SEO Tools Available for Every Business

4 Simple SEO Tools Available for Every Business


4 Simple SEO Tools Available for Every Business

Understanding the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be useful for more than just improving your rankings and improving your search based advertising performance. The reality is that having even a basic knowledge of SEO, and the tools that that SEO specialist’s use, can help your business become more efficient.

Using search volume to evaluate the demand for a product, understanding what questions your customers are asking, and identifying the weaknesses in your online presence can all contribute to a better understanding of your industry and ultimately better business performance.

This week we’ve compiled a list of our favourite free SEO tools that help you gain an edge over your competition.

Keywords Everywhere

The first tool that we’re going to be looking at is a saving grace to anyone that relies on Google’s keyword planner: the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension. This tool really does work some magic and is useful to just about anyone who operates online.

Keywords Everywhere is a simple browser add-on that provides a live readout of search volume, cost-per-click, and competition directly in your search bar, every time you search. The tool works across some of the biggest search engines around including Google, Amazon, YouTube, and several more.

The tool really shines when you’re looking for new keyword opportunities but it can also prove surprisingly useful when just browsing for fun.

Screaming Frog

If you’ve spent time in the world of ecommerce and online business you’ve probably heard the term ‘web crawler’. This term is often thrown around when talking about Google or other search engines and how they read your site, but there are actually a wide range of crawlers that can tell you a wealth of information about your website.

One such tool is Screaming Frog, one of the best ways to scan your site for errors and get useful insights on what needs to be changed. As your site grows, there’s no shortage of things that can go wrong, broken links, duplicate pages, and thin content all can impact your sites performance and even lead to a negative user experience. Luckily, Scream Frog lets you do a top to bottom audit on your site and the best part is it’s completely free for the first 500 pages.

The tool will let you know if there are any critical errors that need to be addressed and the data can even be export to a spreadsheet if you want to dive deeper into the data.

Google Trends

Correctly predicting the future moves of your consumers can mean the difference between a failed business and a successful one. Knowing where your market is heading gives you and your marketing team a huge advantage over any competitors that aren’t paying attention and here is where Google Trends can lend you a helping hand.

Google Trends is a tool maintained by Google that shows how the search volume for different topics and search terms change over time. By mastering this tool, you can help ensure that your content is always current and will be able to capitalize on trends as they happen, rather than afterwards. Everyone from large businesses to hobby bloggers can improve their content by understanding the topics are trending across the web.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is very useful keyword research tool that provides a visual representation of frequent search phrases for a particular topic, all in the form of questions. By scraping data from Google’s Autosuggest algorithm, Answer the Public quickly generates hundreds of useful key phases and also has the benefit of giving amazing insight into your potential customers are searching.

This tool does not provide search volume or competition data but instead focuses on visually representing popular search phrases, but when combined with a tool like keywords everywhere it can become a very powerful tool for generating content and making marketing decisions.

Are there any free SEO tools you can’t live without? Are you currently using any of the tools featured on our list? Reach out in the comments below and let us know and if you’re looking for more great content on SEO. Check out our previous infographic The Anatomy of an Optimized Webpage

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