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Best of The PAYFORT Blog 2017

Best of The PAYFORT Blog 2017


Best of The PAYFORT Blog 2017

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. It feels just like yesterday that we we’re sharing our thoughts on 2017 and discussing the major trends that would impact the year. But with 2017 nearly at an end we wanted to take this opportunity to look back and re-share some of our top performing content and share what you, our readers, liked best in 2017.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Best of The PAYFORT Blog Annual round-up.


2017 saw a continued increase in the number of female entrepreneurs founding companies around the world and within the MENA region. With increased opportunity and new lending options, the resources available to women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams have never been better. Check out our infographic from January for all the details.



The Middle East represents one of the world’s busiest travel hubs servicing millions of travelers from hundreds of countries each year. In 2017 travel remained a crucial industry for businesses to understand and there’s no better company to help with that understanding than Tajawal. This infographic from July is all about understanding the travel trends that shaped 2017, check it out.



Our second collaboration with Tajawal in 2017 this post is much more business focused. We sat down with Muhammad Chbib, Founder & CEO of Tajawal, to learn what inspired him to start a locally focused travel service and how he was able to leverage past knowledge to succeed. Be sure to read the full article for some great insight into one of the region’s leading travel companies.



It’s always interesting to look back at the what topics were trending at the start of 2017, and you guys certainly agreed as it proved to be one of our year’s most popular posts. Covering topics like the internet of things, the rise of private messaging, and the growth of Egypt’s technology sector there are plenty of insights that look to hold into 2018. Be sure to take a look back at trends that impacted the region in 2017.



During the Holy Month of Ramadan the region sees a drastic change in consumer behaviour across multiple industries. Unsurprisingly the grocery industry experiences one of the biggest shifts with fasting throughout the days and Suhoor and Iftar celebrations. This topic captured reader’s attention back in May and it is still just as interesting today, check it out.



Another entrepreneurial success story from the region, this post also closely relates to the food industry across the region. In this edition of the Entrepreneur of the Month series we spoke with John Tsioris, the founder & CEO of InstaShop, to learn about the skills that helped him succeed, and how he was able to make their vision come true. Be sure to read the full interview.



2017 was a big year for FinTech with the industry quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the region and the world. With so many innovative companies coming to market we knew we had to cover the trend. This post was a teaser for our State of Fintech report and offers some great stats on just how influential the industry is becoming. Check out the post above and if you’d like to read the full report be sure to check it out here.



As the fasting period came to a close, businesses across the region prepared for the shopping spree that accompanies the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. This year during Eid, millions of residents made purchases at malls, restaurants, and online to celebrate the holiday season. Be sure to check out our full post above for some great insight into 2017’s trends.



The final entrepreneurial story in 2017 Blog round-up, this post looks at a great company making a big difference in the region; The Orenda Tribe. In this edition of the Entrepreneur of the Month series we spoke with Zaid Souqi Founder of The Orenda Tribe to learn what it takes to be successful while also doing good in the world. This post is a must read and we highly recommend checking it out.



Finally we have our top post of 2017! We’ve always known that our readers enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends and this post re-enforces it even further. When we wrote this post in May Chat-Commerce was just in its infancy with companies just starting to experiment with the technology. Now just seven months later chat has become a staple marketing tool for many businesses around the world and in the region. Check out the full post above.


Well that wraps up our top posts from 2017, we hope you had as much fun diving back into the achieves as we did! Did we miss your favorite post of 2017 on our list? Be sure to share what post was your favorite in the comments below and if you’re not already following us,  follow PAYFORT on Twitter for more great posts in 2018!

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