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3 Ways to Beat the Entrepreneurship Blues

3 Ways to Beat the Entrepreneurship Blues


3 Ways to Beat the Entrepreneurship Blues

Loneliness is something that everyone has dealt with, but in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship it can quickly become a way of life if you’re not careful. The impact loneliness has on individuals is nothing to ignore either, studies show that lonely people experience an increased risk of heart disease and cancer, and are also more susceptible to other health concerns like obesity and insomnia.

Entrepreneurship’s “dark side” is a psychological toll that can put business owners at higher risk for mental health issues, and loneliness is a slippery slope. Fortunately for all you introverted entrepreneurs, there are options to stay connected and keep the loneliness bug at bay; you just need to be proactive about it.

This week we’re sharing 3 tips to help you beat the entrepreneurship blues.

1. Get Outside and Change The Scenery

For a lot of people starting out with a new small business, renting office space isn’t an option but there alternatives to the “work from home” setup, you just need to take that first step. For example, consider answering your morning emails from a café or setting one day a week to work out of a coworking space.

If there aren’t built in reasons to move around during your day, make an excuse to move… instead of eating lunch at your desk, walk to a cafe or sandwich shop. Fresh air and nature are some of the best ways to boost productivity and strategic thinking, and can also alleviate symptoms of depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

2. Make Time to Keep Fit

As a busy entrepreneur, an extra hour in the day can go a long way. Fulfilling orders, working on a social strategy, or answering emails are all great uses of your time but don’t forget about yourself. Using that hour to focus on self improvement is just as valuable. Studies show that fitness offers a range of benefits for entrepreneurs including improved concentration, enhanced creativity, and a more optimistic outlook.

Any activity is great, but a regular fitness commitment can do wonders to combat isolation. Consider joining a running club, a recreational sports team, or even a group fitness class. You’ll get all the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and some human interaction as well.

3. Make Time for Face Time (Not the App)


Technology has made it easier than ever to run a business from home and for a lot of entrepreneurs the idea of running their business without ever needing to leave the couch or change out of sweat pants is the reason they started their own business.

But the truth is that going back to the old school ‘face to face’ work style every once and a while is necessary. Not only will it help to keep your communication skills sharp, but it will also help get you out into the work and keep your social health in check.

You don’t need to be lonely when there are plenty of opportunities to squeeze human interaction into your day-to-day business tasks. Try visiting your suppliers in person, deliver a local order by hand, or meet with your freelance staff over a coffee.

Are you battling the entrepreneurship blues? Do you have any tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, we’re always on the lookout for great advice from the PAYFORT community. And if you’re looking for more great content be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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