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Will These VR Companies Shape the Future of Ecommerce?

These companies are shaping the future of VR ecommerce

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Will These VR Companies Shape the Future of Ecommerce?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you know that virtual reality has become a hot topic across a wide range of industries. The technology has been hailed as a revolutionary technology to blend the digital and physical world and after looking at these companies we’re starting to agree.

Virtual reality has been a dream for almost three decades, but it’s only recently that the technology has made its way into the world of big business and marketing. There’s still considerable development required to go before virtual reality is to become a full-fledged player but there’s no denying that it’s going to have an impact.

At PAYFORT we’re big believers in helping you stay on top of the latest trends and when it comes to transformative technology it’s never too early to start planning. While we may not know exactly what the future of VR will hold, by watching the major players we can start imagining it. Here are 3 VR startups hoping to shape VR ecommerce:

1. Improbable

The first company we’re looking at is ‘Improbable’, a U.K. based startup that allows third parties to build massive virtual worlds hosted on cloud-based technology. To date these large-scale worlds have largely been used for video games, but the company is eying up the ecommerce space next.

Herman Narula, Improbable’s chief executive said in a recent press release that he believes that the next frontier for the digital experience will be the emergence of large-scale virtual worlds. These world’s will enrich human-machine experience and reshape how we define the ‘real world’.

World-building technology has huge potential to change the way we think about online shopping by creating explorable store spaces that more closely emulate a brick and mortar store while still providing the convenience of shopping from home.

2. Leap Motion

What if the digital experience got rid of mouse clicks, keyboards, and virtual buttons? This is the future Leap Motion hopes to create with its new hand-tracking technology.

CEO and founder Michael Buckwald believes the technology they are developing is the next step in human-machine interfacing. “In much the same way as the touchscreen sparked the mobile revolution, Leap Motion will play a transformative role in the development of VR/AR technology.” he said.

The technology allows a user’s VR headset to register and most importantly understand a range of hand gestures as inputs. It allows people to make selections and interact in a virtual world in the most natural way possible, with their own two hands. Imagine walking through a virtual department store and being able to pick up products for inspection. With just a wave of the hand your customers will be able swipe through items, physically interact with them, and then purchase them as easily as they would in the real world.

3. Avametric

According to a recent report put out by Walker Sands, 35 percent of online shoppers said they would be more comfortable buying products if they could try them in a virtual world before purchasing. With results like that it’s not surprising that Avametric has set out to solve this problem with its virtual clothing-fit technology.

Ari Bloom, Avametric’s CEO, said the apparel industry is an ideal target for VR technology. Giving people an opportunity to see how clothing and apparel look on a virtual version of one’s self is a major leap forward for ecommerce.

The company has already worked with Google, to help GAP create a virtual dressing room. The app allows shoppers to enter their body measurements, creating a 3D avatar right in front of them. From there customers can try different outfits on and see an accurate representation of how clothes would look on their own bodies, all from the comfort of their home.

Do you think virtual reality will change the way consumers shop online? Has your business started thinking about VR as part of their marketing plans? Let us know in the comments below and if you’re not already make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest trends in ecommerce.

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Amira Abou Shousha

Online Marketing Manager PAYFORT

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