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Eid al Adha Shopping Trends

Eid al Adha Shopping Trends


Eid al Adha Shopping Trends

With Eid al Adha set to take place on September 1st this year consumers across the region are preparing to celebrate. For many, a large part of that celebration will involve checking out the great shopping experiences at both malls and online retailers.

But what sectors are expected to see the biggest bumps and how will online compare with brick and mortar stores during the holiday season? This week we’ll be looking at just that and providing a quick overview of what Eid means for some of the region’s biggest industries as consumers look to capitalize on those holiday deals.


Eid al Adha Shopping Trends_Fashion


Across the Middle East, fashion continues to be a major driver of Eid spending, with both local and international designers saving some of the year’s best deals for the holiday. Many brands have opened up physical locations in the region but even those that haven’t are participating in the festivities through online stores, providing customers with their dream outfits for the special occasion.

For shoppers in the region, many still prefer to shop in store for fashion items even though online purchasing is becoming widely available. The ability to try before you buy is particularly important when it comes to clothing and in that regard online stores are still trying to find the best way to compete. As return policies become more flexible and shipping becomes cheaper we expect to see holiday fashion shopping start to move online more and more.


Eid al Adha Shopping Trends_Food

When compared with fashion, the process of ordering food via online channels is fast, easy, and considerably more convenient than over the phone. This shift in accessibility to ordering food means that consumers will likely be ordering at least one take away meal over the Eid holiday.

With that said, home cooked meals and in restaurant dining are still at the heart of the Eid celebrations and we expect that retail dining establishments and grocery outlets will both see considerable spikes in sales over the holiday.


Eid al Adha Shopping Trends_Travel

Finally, the travel industry is expecting to see a considerable spike over the Eid holiday as many residents are expecting at least a three day weekend. Many families and single travellers alike are hoping to spend that long weekend celebrating Eid abroad by travelling to Europe or Asia and airlines as well as hotels are providing the right incentives to get people travelling.

The travel industry is one space where shopping has moved almost entirely into the online space. Unlike fashion and food, there’s little value brick and mortar travel agents can offer consumers to incentivize in person shopping. This does have some benefits however as these services have gotten considerably cheaper over the past decade.

What will you be spending your money on this Eid al Adha? Is there any sector or industry we left out? Let us know in the comments below and if you’re not already be sure to follow us on Twitter @PAYFORT to stay up to date on all the latest news.

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