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Sneak Peak on the travel behaviour in the Middle East by Tajawal

Sneak Peak on the travel behaviour in the Middle East by Tajawal


Sneak Peak on the travel behaviour in the Middle East by Tajawal

The Middle East serves as one of the world’s busiest travel hubs with millions of travelers moving through the region each year. This large volume of travelers has created a considerable demand for travel services across the region and that’s where tajawal steps onto the field.

This week we are featuring an infographic exclusively by tajawal to bring you a unique look at one of the region’s leading travel companies and they’ve been kind enough to share their latest data on the region’s travel behaviour.

The infographic sheds light on how people from the Middle East are using online travel services and the broader travel industry. For example, 80% of flights booked through tajawal are international flights and the average customer books their flight just 25 days before travelling. Another interesting insight is that tajawal has booked vacations in over 150 different countries around the world, showing the Middle East population is eager to explore the world.

tajawal represents a world-class online travel platform that caters to the discerning needs of travellers moving through and travelling from the region. The company is a result of some of the top minds in the industry coming together to specifically create the answer to all your travel requirements.

In addition to providing great service, tajawal aims to make the travel experience easy, exciting, and accessible to as many people as possible. Their team is constantly working to make sure that no matter what you’re planning, all aspects of your trip is covered from booking hotels to flights.

tajawal is by no means exclusive to the Middle East, but they do have a special fondness for the local community and they provide services related to the unique needs of travellers from the region. From family-friendly destinations that offer halal cuisine, to private beaches and villas for our privacy-conscious travellers, tajawal aims to be more than just a flight booking and hotel comparison website, they are quickly becoming the place users go to for inspiration, travel tips, and comforts that will help you travel with your mind at ease.

If you’re looking for insights on the travel sector, especially for travel through the Middle East, then this is the infographic for you. You can also check out our state of payments report for more insights on the travel, airlines, entertainment and ecommerce sectors.

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