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How to Create Content That Creates Customers

How to Create Content That Creates Customers


How to Create Content That Creates Customers

If you’ve spent any time in the world of digital marketing we’re willing to bet you’ve heard the expression “content is king”. This mantra remains true to this day but that doesn’t mean you should blindly create content for the sake of content. The truth is that the type of content you create matters in a very big way when it comes to generating new customers for your business.

When you dive into your analytics you’ll probably find that, like many companies, the majority of your content isn’t attracting customers or driving conversions. When you consider the cost of researching your market, writing content, and optimizing your efforts, it’s a shame that it’s often never actually read.

A few common strategies that can be used to improve the content you’ve already produced are Aggregation, Migration, and Enhancement:

Aggregation – Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated multiple articles that cover related (or even the same) topic. You can breathe new life into that content by compiling them into a comprehensive single article that covers the topic.

Migration – If your business produces articles, podcasts, or videos consider migrating that content across multiple platforms. Consider creating simple videos that discuss the topics covered in you blog posts and using the audio as a standalone podcast. It’s a great way to get extra life out of your content and can help you reach new audiences.

Enhancement – When you go through your past content you’ll notice that many of the articles are well-written but have fallen out of date. Consider allocating some resources to enhance those articles and modernize them. You can then republish the content on the same URL and reap the benefits of the content without losing past backlinks.

When we started this post, we were going to leave it as a simple listicle but after diving into the content we wanted to provide a little more. Check out the comprehensive inforgraphic below on how you can create content that creates customers.

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