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State of Social Media Report

State of Social Media Report Powered by Crowd Analyzer and a partnership between PAYFORT and Hootsuite

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State of Social Media Report

Think back to a time before Facebook and other social media, can you remember how you navigated the internet? In those days, we bet you did a lot more searching and rarely (if ever) encountered friends or followers online.

Today social media has transformed the internet in a way very few people expected. How we interacted with content and each other on the web looks nothing like the early 2000’s. The simple, personal, and (let’s be honest) addictive nature of social media has led to an explosion of users and dozens of new social platforms for us to express ourselves.

The MENA region is no exception to this trend. People across the region have embraced social media in a way that has dramatically transformed the region. Millions of active users and billions of hours spent navigating content has turned social media into the largest advertising platform for brands and businesses in the region.

We’ve witnessed first-hand the impact social media has had on the region and we know how important understanding this new technology is for businesses. That’s why we are excited to share State of Social report powered by Crowd Analyzer and a partnership between PAYFORT and Hootsuite, the region’s most comprehensive report on social media trends.

The report was prepared to create a complete overview on social trends in region’s largest countries. We hope that with this report at your reach, you will have the tools and expertise needed to not only navigate, but excel in the rapidly evolving world of social media.

The report is broken into 4 sections with information for everyone from social influencers to data heads.

Social Media Statistic

This section covers everything you need to know about three of the region’s biggest social media populations; The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Want to know how many Gen Xers are using social media or maybe smartphone usage? Then this section is for you!

Social Media Statistic Egypt

2016 Trends: Topics and Brands that Stood Out

Give this section a read if you want to understand what mattered on social media in 2016. You’ll find insights about trending topics, the 2016 US election, and how platforms are evolving to take advantage of new media to expand.

2016 Trends: Topics and Brands that Stood Out

Social Intelligence for Your Sector

For those that are listening, social media can tell you a lot about your business and your sector. Consumer’s voice concerns every second on social media and knowing what they’re saying can give you a leg up on competitors.

Social Intelligence for Your Sector

Expert Predications

Want to know what the future holds? This section is the next best thing to a crystal ball. Full of insight from some of the region’s most influential business leaders, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in 2017 here.

Expert Predications

Download the Report Now


The complete State of Social report is available now right here, so be sure to head over and Download it. And if you’re looking for more great news about MENA region trends be sure to follow @PAYFORT on twitter.

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