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How to Build Brand Awareness

How to Build Brand Awareness


How to Build Brand Awareness

Think about the last time you needed a tissue, did you ask for a ‘tissue’ or for Kleenex? What about when you have a cut? Do you look for a ‘plastic bandage’ or a Band-Aid?

These are a few examples of proprietary eponyms, and they represent the peak of brand awareness. These brands have become so synonymous with their product that their brand name has replaced the product’s generic name.

It can take decades to reach this level of awareness, but all these brands have something in common, they worked hard to establish their brand. Establishing a strong brand presence is what makes your business stand out from the crowd and what gives your customers that split-second recognition that can make or break a sale.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to become a household name, but there are some tried and true techniques you can use to help launch (and continue) your brand building efforts.

Here are four ways to build you brand this year.


Join Forces With Another Business

Join forces with another business

One of the best ways to build a network of customers is to work with a business that already has one. Take a look for another other business (or two) that already has an established customer base in the same sector as you, but isn’t directly competing with your product. You’ll be amazed what joining marketing efforts can do for a business.

For example, if you’re a company that offers custom car modifications, try offering an exclusive discount for people who shop at a particular dealership. For you, it’s a great way to attract new customers and for the dealership it’s a way to reward their customers at no cost and with minimal effort.


Leverage Paid Social

Leverage Paid Social Advertising

Organic social marketing is more challenging than ever and the odds of reaching the desired audience is relatively low in today’s social landscape. This has led more and more business to consider paid advertising on social media. Facebook is currently one of the most dominant forces in this space, but both LinkedIn and Instagram are starting to show their strengths.

Whether or not users convert immediately isn’t necessarily the point with social ads, it’s more about creating a familiarity with your brand. Every time a user sees your brand they become more comfortable with it and this can make all the difference when users finally are ready to make a purchase.


Multi Dirtections

Try Influencer Marketing

Having friends that are popular amongst your target audience is another great way to boost your brand’s overall awareness. Take some time and find out who your customers are following online, then reach out and propose a partnership.

Similar to partnering with another business, this strategy lets you use an influencer’s network to promote your brand. Just don’t expected to get something for free, influencers are starting to understand their value and will likely want something in exchange for their services.



Use LinkedIn Publishing

Finally, one of the best ways to get your brand in front of the right audience is to create great content. A blog is the traditional starting point, but LinkedIn also offers a great feature that lets users publish posts right to LinkedIn.

What’s nice about using LinkedIn’s publishing tool is that, if your post attracts some of the right people it has a high probability of reaching LinkedIn users on their home stream.

What strategies do you use to grow your brand’s awareness? Have you tried any of the above tips and had success? Let us know in the comment below and be sure to follow the PAYFORT twitter account for the latest updates.

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