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State of PAYFORT 2016 : The Most Trusted Online Payment Gateway

Payfort Blog Round Up


State of PAYFORT 2016 : The Most Trusted Online Payment Gateway

The year 2016 is nothing but eventful both on a global scale and here at PAYFORT.


“It’s been only 9 months that I have joined this fantastic workplace but the feeling is as though I have been here much longer. I see really great things ahead for us as PayFort. Hope I had more words to describe the experience. Wishing everyone a great year ahead. Long live the Fort!”
Mohammed Shibly

This year in April, we successfully opened up the world of e-commerce to the Saudi consumers by integrating SADAD Account via PAYFORT. A month later, we released our State of Payments 2016 report revealing the latest insights into the buying habits of the Arab world.

Maryam Albassam Merchant Relationship manager at PAYFORT

“2016 has been a tremendous year for PAYFORT and PAYFORT’s family. No one can deny that 2016 was a piece of work by itself – to put it in a nutshell. The wind of change is inevitable but we made sure we’ve built a good ship that has proven to be just as strong as we are in facing the challenges, and doing so happily too. We’re so proud of each other and how far we’ve become. PayFort is its own person now, it grows and changes and adapts not just according to the market demand, but also pioneers in what might be the future demands. It may be 2017 out there, but in PayFort; it’s almost 2030” Happy new year everyone. Maryam Albassam Merchant Relationship manager

The month of July was marked by two interesting events: first, PAYFORT and Shopify started working together to help start-ups in the Middle East to simplify their processes in terms of online store development and management; and second we achieved the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Certification for the third consecutive year – a testament to our commitment to e-payment security and consumer data protection.

Alaa Saleh - Pre-Sales Executive at PAYFORT

Even though I joined PayFort only 2 months ago, It has been already a remarkable experience, a friendly environment, practical thinking, incredible support and an inspiring leadership that hopefully will make us all grow as branches from our larger tree (PayFort), wish you all a happy and a successful new year”
Alaa Saleh
Pre-Sales Executive

The high ride continued the following month as we started offering the Egyptian market the liberty of making monthly installment payments through the country’s largest private sector bank, CIB. August also bore witness to our new partnership with MasterCard thus allowing PAYFORT merchants to seamlessly integrate security solutions into their own payment processes. This collaboration provides businesses the opportunity to increase both online and offline credit card transactions while offering consumers the convenience of secured, one-click payments.

Ankit Shukla Merchant Relationship manager at PAYFORT

PAYFORT is a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. We bagged a lot of awards across the region in 2016 for all the efforts we have been putting in since our inception. This is a testimonial in itself for us. We are very team-driven, and operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. Being a tech company, Invention is one of our core values and we have done complete justice to it in 2016 by being a pioneer in a lot of things across the region. In 3 years we have grown very quickly, and will continue to succeed because we are a nimble organization that can rise to any challenge thrown towards us. We love what we do and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our partners.
Ankit Shukla
Merchant Relationship manager

We are humbled by the goals we have achieved and the partnerships we have built this year. And we are honoured on how our dedication to being the leading online payment service provider in the Middle East has been recognized by various partners and awarding bodies.

Shereen Ghazy Merchant Relation Manager

“2016 has been very critical to all of us at PAYFORT, we have been learning all the way in each and every field. PayFort has given us the chance to grow with it and to achieve our goals. This is only the beginning and i wish 2017 will be more challenging, we are ready and glad to even learn more.”
Happy New Year!♥❤♥
Shereen Ghazy
Merchant Relation Manager

Just very recently, industry-renowned PayExpo MENA awards granted us the Digital Commerce Innovation Award for establishing a successful online payment solution across the region.

Nitisha Hedge Merchant Support Manager at PAYFORT

“Our hope is not in the New Year, but in the ones who innovate and make all things new…
New beginnings, new ideas, new energy – exciting..! And so the adventure begins- let 2017 sparkle!!”
Nitisha Hedge
Merchant Support Manager

We also received Fintech of the Year award last month at The Entrepreneur MENA magazine’s annual Enterprise Agility Awards, acknowledging our efforts in breaking down barriers to introduce the convenience in adopting secure online payment methods.

Samir Hammoudeh Country Manager - Lebanon at PAYFORT

It’s time to say GOODBYE 2016, time to say goodbye to the thought that next year will be the same and that nothing will ever change, and start saying hello to all the wonderful possibilities, dreams, work opportunities that are waiting to manifest themselves in you. During my three years at PayFort i have gained a new family were i have faced a lot of challenges & conquered them one by one with the support of PAYFORT family, PayFort is not only a workplace for me it’s my family my addiction to perfectness & my mean to contribute in spreading awareness and educating the Lebanese startups ecosystem in payments & it’s innovations …Wishing you all a great & a prosperous year ahead. Happy New Year everyone!!!
Samir Hammoudeh
Country Manager – Lebanon

In addition to that Doha Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Qatar, gave us this year’s Partners Award, as our partnership agreement helped the Qatari market to open its arms to e-commerce. To cap off 2016 for our company, crowd-sourcing company Owler presented us this year’s Hot in Dubai award for being a top trending company in the city.

Sally Taha Merchant Support Manager at PAYFORT

“2016 has been an extremely unexpected year; it’s brought lots of changes & opportunities that added up & sharpened our experience. As usual PAYFORT deepened the concept of our core value “TRUST” & invested in us, trusting in our capabilities to grow. We shifted careers & were introduced to the new world of “Holacracy” where the Hierarchy vanishes & all members come together to decide for the best. My Wish for 2017 is to see PAYFORT shining more & spreading its amazing spirit all around.”
Long Live Payfort
Happy New Year 🙂
Sally Taha
Merchant Support Manager

So as a thanks to the many recognition we earned 2016, we think it’s only fitting that we close its curtains by sharing PAYFORT’s ten blog posts that generated the most buzz this year:

12 – 5 ways to make money out of your ebook

There’s no denying that everyone and everything is pushing online. If you’re a writer, you have a bigger chance of earning money by publishing eBooks online than publishing actual books in the offline world. Find out how in our blog post here.

11 – No money, no problem- Starting a business on a budget

Starting a business is, first and foremost, a financial risk. However, the advent of technology has provided us many reasons to believe that the best time to launch your start up is now. Here is why.

10 – Seven tips to improve your workplace productivity

An article that will continue to be relevant year after year, here are seven simple strategies to help increase productivity inside the office. check out the blog post here.

9 – The future of marketplace services in UAE

Back in August, we had a conversation with MrUsta’s Dunia Othman about emerging trends and the future of the service industry in UAE. Check out our infographic here.

8 – Digital Vs Traditional Media

This year, a lot of companies have started embracing digital media as a marketing channel, so we decided to cover the consumer shift from traditional to digital media. Learn more about this here.

7 – How to optimize a landing page

Speaking of going digital, websites are finally getting the attention they deserve. To help you make a good first impression online, here’s how you can optimize your landing page.

6 – Four secrets to creating the perfect two minute pitch

You don’t have to write a novel to get to your market, in fact, if you know how to do it the right way, the time it takes to pitch your idea is just two minutes. For pitching basics, check out this article we published last March.

5 – The evolution of food services

With innovation comes evolution and that’s something we continue to see even in the food service industry here in Middle East. In this article, we rounded up a number of food-based start-ups that transformed great ideas into big opportunities.

4 – The shift in online grocery shopping in KSA

The onset of digital media has opened many doors for entrepreneurs. To highlight this reality, we came up with a concise infographic showcasing data on the shift in e-commerce – particularly in the grocery shopping industry in KSA. You can check it out here.

3 – Understanding the Egyptian shopper

Egypt is a significant market for online shopping and Egyptian shoppers are a consumer base you don’t want to miss out on. To help you become their provider of choice, take a look at the infographic we created examining Egyptian market behaviour and demographics.

2 – Identity theft: Keep your personal information personal

The online world can be a double-edged sword – yes, you can do transactions the digital way but that also means having to input sensitive personal data through a website. To educate you on what identity theft is and how you can protect yourself from it, read this.

1 – How to give better presentations

Topping our top ten list is a post written to educate each and every company’s sales team on how to give better presentations. Here’s a very digestible infographic to help you becoming a master presenter.

Ehtisham Qadir - Sales Support at PAYFORT

It has been a crazy ride for the past two years while working with PayFort, yet looking forward to learn and grow. Wishing everyone happy new year (LONG LIVE PAYFORT)
Ehtisham Qadir
Sales Support at PAYFORT

There you go – this year’s top 10 posts for your enjoyment! Which one of these tickled your fancy? Share it with us in the comment section below or by tweeting us @PAYFORT.

Here’s to thriving through this year together and another for 2017, a new year to bring you more relevant content you can bookmark! Happy New Year everyone!



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