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7 Team Building Activities To Keep Your Office Happy

7 Team Building Activities To Keep Your Office Happy


7 Team Building Activities To Keep Your Office Happy

Have you noticed a bit of low moral around the office? Starting to see the team losing interest and internal communications die down? If that sounds like your office then it’s time for an office outing!

Team outings can be a great way to shake off the negativity of bad week, reduce stress, and get know fellow co-workers outside of the office setting. But planning the perfect event can be challenging and finding something that everyone can agree on isn’t always a simple task.

But don’t let those obstacles detour you, we’ve put together a list of great activities that are suitable for just about anyone and are sure to please. Next time you plan an outing for your team, cut straight to fun and schedule one of these awesome outings right out of the gate.

1) Trampoline Parks

vector image of trampoline

Looking for something active? Why not give a trampoline park a try! This new form of exercise and recreation is popping up in cities all over the world and they really are one of the best ways to destress after a tough week or long project.

The parks offer a range of fun activities such as basketball and dodgeball that are great for a little interoffice competition.

2) Karaoke Night

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Is your office home to the next Arab Idol? Well you’ll never know unless you try a karaoke night! These outings are a great way to get your employees to break out of their shells and get the whole team laughing.

If you want to raise the stakes you can introduce a contest for best duet or best group performance and have your employees team up.

Now keep in mind this kind of night out works best with extroverts so make sure you know your team before setting it up.

3) Scavenger Hunt

vector image of Scavenger Hunt

A great way to get your team active and outside, scavenger hunts combine teamwork and problem solving to create a very fun challenge. Choose a day where the weather is supposed to nice, divide your office into team, and set them loose in the city to find a list of unique items.

A day of activity will refresh you team and help them shake off any negativity. Scavenger hunts are also great for social media so be sure to take lots of pictures.

4) Kart Racing

vector image of Kart Racing

A great option if you’re looking to introduce a bit of competition, Go Karting is almost always a hit, no matter the demographics of your team.

Getting some adrenaline-pumping is a great way to distract the team and give them a clear break from the office. Just make sure everyone pays attention during the safety lecture, today’s karts can get going pretty quick.

5) Laser Tag

vector image of Laser Tag
Looking for another adrenaline pumping outing? Laser tag just might be what you’re looking for. Laser tag is a great way to let you team get some exercise and release a little aggression.

The game encourages critical thinking and teamwork and will have your office leaving with a renewed sense of camaraderie.

6) Painting Class

vector image of Painting Class

Now those last two suggestions were all about adrenaline and getting active but if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing you should take a look at team painting.

Similar to our first idea, group painting classes have been popping up in cities around the world and are definitely growing in popularity. They’re a great opportunity for your team to unwind and destress all while letting their creativity flow.

7) Volunteering

vector image of Volunteering

Taking time out of a busy work schedule to support a worthy cause is a great way to boost team moral and help your team bond. For this idea choose a location where your team can work together to do some good for their community. Places such as soup kitchens, children’s hospitals, or animal shelters are great locations for this kind of team building.

Another great option is to let your team leverage their skills to help a worthy cause such as a church or non-profit organisation. It will give them a chance to practise a skill they might not be using in their day to day activities and can even encourage inter-employee training.
So there you have it, seven fun events perfect for team building and shaking off the work blues. Does your office have a favourite outing that wasn’t included in our list? Let us know via Twitter. We’re always eager for a great night out!

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