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Sadad account is changing the Fintech game in Saudi Arabia

sadad aSadad account is changing the Fintech game in Saudi Arabiaccount


Sadad account is changing the Fintech game in Saudi Arabia

Based on our recent #Stateofpayments report 2016 “Saudi Arabia’s growth was fueled by a growing eCommerce market and an increase in online travel bookings, with these sectors representing the largest growth in the region. Moving forward into 2020 we expect to see positive growth throughout the Middle East with countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt leading the region.

With more and more people moving online, Saudi Arabia is expected to see substantial growth. Also based on the report was stating that a lack of trust in payment systems was one of the main reasons for offline shoppers not embracing online shopping.

Here came the importance of  local payment methods such as Sadad Payment System, it’s a national Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service provider for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Sadad has managed to shift consumers’ behavior by moving them from physical channels (branches) to electronic channels (ATM, Phone Banking, and Online Banking), branches usage went down from 73% to 12%.

And again Sadad account came to become a game changer for the online world and a great boost to the e-commerce industry in Saudi. As a small or medium enterprise, you can now expand your customer base. Sadad account provides your business with an easy, secure and convenient payment platform online. This grants your products more visibility, facilitates accessibility and helps your business grow

“Using @SADAD account with the PAYFORT, Saudi enterprises will be able to offer online payment options to an expanded consumer base” explains Muteb Alobeiwi , PAYFORT Regional Manager.

By adding  Sadad account to Payfort means that merchants only have to integrate one API (Application Programming Interface) with their online stores in order to add bank account payments to the choice of payment methods offered to online customers. PAYFORT comes with a new dashboard to help enterprises optimise their payment processes and increase conversions.

Sadad Account A secure, One-Stop Solution For Online Payments.

#Sadad_account is an innovative new, non-card based payment solution which lets you pay for goods and services from a wide and growing selection of participating online merchants – directly from your account.

No need for a credit or debit card. No need to share sensitive card or bank account information. Sadad Account processes your online purchase securely and automatically, so you can shop with total confidence.

How to buy/shop #online with #SADAD_account?


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Amira Abou Shousha

Online Marketing Manager PAYFORT

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