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How to Maximize the Q4 Sale Season

How to Maximize the Q4 Sale Season


How to Maximize the Q4 Sale Season

Last year, Q4 shopping events continued to grow with events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday increasing (in terms of sales) by 15% and 12% respectively. While this trend is most pronounced in western countries, increasingly Q4 has become globally recognized as the most important quarter for the retail and ecommerce industries.

Ecommerce in particular is becoming a focus of many organizations as more people become comfortable with online shopping and choose to forego physical stores for their end of year purchases.

So with a larger and larger portion of shoppers moving online, how can you position your business to maximize Q4 profits? How can you capitalize on that increasing traffic and reach more users? And how can you help your customers find that perfect end of year item?

This week we’re hoping to answer those questions! Take a look at our list of 4 helpful tips to help you maximize the end of year shopping spree.


Tease: Setup a Landing Page in Advance and Promote It

A report by AdWords in late 2015 indicated that over 60% of Q4 shoppers start searching online for products in mid-November. You want to do as much as possible to capture the attention of those users and prime them for shopping with you.

Your first consideration should be building a page that is SEO friendly and contains information that is relevant to your customers. Try to create an ‘evergreen’ page template that can be updated year on year rather than starting from scratch. If you create a new page each year, you will lose all the SEO benefit you gained from the previous year’s campaign.

Also consider running a paid pre-sale campaign to drive users to that landing page and signup for your business’ newsletter. This allows you to build a database of customers that have expressed interest in your upcoming sale and are primed to shop when the deals go live.


Key Tip!

Your landing page needs to look awesome on any device. What’s growing faster than online shoppers? Online shoppers who use their mobile device to do it! Keep that in mind when designing your page, slow loading times or device compatibility issues can frustrate shoppers and derail a campaign.


Announce: Send Out an Email Blast to Your Users

When the day arrives and you’re finally ready to go live with your sale, start with an email blast to past shoppers as well as the users whose data you collected during the pre-sale campaign.

You might be thinking that social media is the wave of the future (and it should play a role in overall digital strategy) but trust us, email marketing is a time-tested tool that expands both your sales and your active customer base.


Launch: Create a Sale Page That Builds Excitement

Now that you’ve built the hype and activated your user base, you’ll want to make sure that the sale page gets them excited. Your page should have the look and feel of a flash sale, that highlights your best deals and conveys a sense of urgency to users.

When implemented correctly, a well-designed sale page can increase traffic via referrals as well as social media and ultimately push users towards conversion. Getting the look and feel just right can be tricky, so take some time to test different designs and as much as possible test them with sample audiences.


Key Tip!

Don’t hide ‘sold-out’ products. The products that you’ve sold-out of during a sale should be front and centre on your page. This helps to remind customers that the product they’re looking at may soon be unavailable, so if they want to capitalize they’ll need to act quickly.


Sustain: Keep Your Customers Engaged

Recommendations and customer referrals are without a doubt the most valuable form of advertising. If you believe you’ve provided a good experience to your customers, follow-up with them and request a testimonial.

You can take this concept one step further and push user the user to share their experience with you on social media during or after checkout. A great tool for this is to provide a small gift or incentive during checkout for a share on social media.

Do you have any secrets for a successful Q4 sale? Let us know in the comments below and we just might feature you in an upcoming post. And be sure to follow us on Twitter for more great updates as the Q4 sale season begins!

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Amira Abou Shousha

Online Marketing Manager PAYFORT

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