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Gamification in Different Contexts

Gamification in Different Contexts


Gamification in Different Contexts

In our previous pieces about gamification we covered the basic strategies for eCommerce businesses and provided a few key examples of well executed campaigns. This week, we’re going to be broadening our scope and looking at gamification in multiple contexts.

Gamification is a powerful tool that can motivate employees, create some healthy competition, generate social buzz, and most importantly encourage customer loyalty. There are numerous techniques that can be used to get great results and no matter what your goals are, there’s a gamification technique to support them.

We’ve highlighted several areas where gamification has proven to be successful so you can better take advantage of these techniques in your day to day life as well as your business.

Personal Improvement and Motivation

Nearly everyone on this planet has something that they would like to improve. Whether it’s living healthier of cutting out a bad habit, gamification has proven to be one of the most powerful pathways to personal improvement.

An excellent example of gamification in this context is fitness blogger Jillian Michael’s challenges. The programs encourage users to follow her fitness programs using gamification techniques to promote several fitness challenges.

The site offers a wide range of challenges and allows users to select an option that closely aligns with their personal goals and lifestyle. Each challenge incorporates unique gamification techniques, including contests and prizes, achievement badges, and group challenges.

Employee Efficiency

Employee efficiency has become an increasingly important aspect of the business world. With growing workloads and employees being stretch across multiple roles, finding techniques to help them stay motivated and productive are critical.

The Email Game by Baydin is just such a tool. The Email Game uses gamification to boost productivity, by giving users a tight 3-minute time limit to respond to emails. The game then rewards you with points and accomplishments when you’ve responded quickly or better managed your workflow.

Behind the scenes, Baydin’s Email Game benefits Baydin by fostering customer loyalty, and keeping its customers engaged with the project. At the same time, there’s no denying that this type of gamification also leads to more productive teams and some friendly competition in the office.


Gamification continues to be an excellent tool for encouraging customer loyalty and keeping customers engaged with your product. By creating a useful and competitive platform for customers to compare their habits, you can be sure your product will always be on your customer’s mind.

The Nissan Carwings program for example aims to gamify daily driving and has proven to be incredibly successful. Offering regional rankings, owners can compare their performance to other local drivers and earn medals based on how they behaviour compares to the regional average.

Nissan also made sure to include some added value features such as connecting your car to your smartphone to get reminders, start charging the battery, set timers, and even turn on the A/C. These features combined with leader boards help create a strong connection between brand and consumer

Project Completion

When tackling large projects using online services and freelancers, there is always a concern that the work might not get completed. Fortunately, gamification has been shown to have a surprising impact in this space as well.

DevHub was one such company that used gamification to leverage the competitive nature of their network. In their case, simply adding a series of badges (called devatars) which are awarded for completing certain tasks, the company saw the number of users who completed projects jump from 10 percent to an astonishing 80 percent.

The technique looks to incentivize and motivate users during some of the most tedious and challenging obstacles, giving them that extra push right when they’re ready to give up.

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