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What’s New in the World of Social Media

What’s New in the World of Social Media


What’s New in the World of Social Media

The social landscape has become crucial to both individuals and businesses looking to reach their digital audience. Social media companies are constantly innovating to make this process easier and more effective, but with all this change it can be difficult to keep track of the new tools you can use to improve your marketing efforts.

This week we’re doing a quick round up of some of the latest (and possibly overlooked) additions to our favourite social media platforms. From Facebook to Snapchat you can be sure you’ll find something new in this post.

Facebook Canvas

Facebook has given advertisers a more immersive way to reach people all while keeping them in their social network. In February they officially launched their ad Canvas for all advertisers.

Facebook Ad Canvas


This new tool provide a more robust and immersive mobile advertising experience. When users click a Canvas connected News Feed ad, it opens a full-screen, rich media page inside the Facebook app rather than forcing users to wait for a new mobile website to load.

Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters

Snapchat users who have been feeling a little limited by the application’s geofilter overlays now have a new way to express themselves. Users now have the ability to create their own custom filters and define specific areas where they’ll show up.

Users are able to select areas that fall between 20,000 square feet (about the size of a personal residence, store or office) and 5,000,000 square feet (think stadiums and neighbourhoods). The custom filters stays live for as short as an hour and up to thirty days. The new feature is open to both businesses and individuals so expect to see a lot more creativity in future geofilters.

Pinterest Rich Pins for Recipes and Movies

Pinterest recently launched an update to its movie and recipe Rich Pins, incorporating even more rich data in hopes of further enhancing the user experience.

Pinterest Rich Recipe

Recipes have quickly become one of Pinterest’s top pinned categories with millions of ideas being shared across under ‘food’ so it was a natural fit for Pinterest to go a step further and add helpful data within each pin. The same is true for movie based pins which will add information like rating, cast members and movie reviews.

Twitter Updates Embedding on Timelines

It doesn’t matter where you’re tweeting from, sometimes your tweet needs something more than text to tell the story. Twitter has realized this new trend on their platform and are making some big changes to ensure that users get the full Twitter experience no matter where you’re accessing the tweet.

Twitter Embedded Timeline

On March 3rd, Twitter made it easier to share your stories with an embedded timeline that can display rich media anywhere the it’s embedded. The update also introduces a native video player that lets Android and iOS users engage with images, videos, and GIFs from within any app.

So there you have it, some of the latest news straight from the front lines of the social landscape. For more news be sure to follow us on Twitter and if you have any questions reach out in the comments below.

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