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5 Ways to make Money out of your ebook

5 Ways to make Money out of your ebook


5 Ways to make Money out of your ebook

Ebooks are a rising trend in online media. Opening a Word document and starting to write content, has become as easy as making microwave popcorn. Surely you have your own unique idea for your ebook. Common topics ideas today are writing a biography, a story, an experience, or a guide. It’s no issue what your ebook will be about. The more important issue is where do I get paid?

To make the most out of your ebook, it’s best to sell it through different channels. The only downside of selling through different channels is that it requires you to format it appropriately for each. This post will look at the top 5 ways to make money out of your ebook.

Sell on Apple iBookstore


Apple iBookstore is one of the most authentic stores today, accepting e-Pub and PDF file formats for ebooks. Registration is free, and you receive 70% royalties out of each sale. It is Apple’s reputation to be strict with submission approvals – so take no surprise. At the end, this store has serious buyers that you should target.

Sell through Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)


Through Amazon KDP, you can publish your ePub or PDF ebook to Amazon’s international Kindle stores. Registration is free and two royalty options exists: 35% or 70%, with different requirements for each. See:

Sell through ebook aggregators

Aggregators make the job easy for you by doing automatic submissions to many online ebook retailers, such as the latter, in addition to many others: Kobo, Nook press, Google Books, etc. In return, they charge you a fee or sales commissions. The three most popular aggregators are:


  • BookBaby charges you a fixed fee of $299 to have your book formatted and handled from start to finish. They do not take any commissions out of your sales. Your ebook is distributed to major retailers, including BookBaby’s own store.



  • Smashwords have been in business for a long time, and distribute to tens of ebook retailers across the world, including their own Smashwords store. Smashwords offers free registration, but takes 40% commissions of ebook sales. For ebooks sold through their own store, they take 20% commission.




  • BookTango, although appeared much later than the offers, offers the most attractive package. Free registration and zero commissions. The company makes their revenue out of selling premium ebook services that complement their free offering.


Sell through app stores

Kotobee Author
Especially if you will be creating interactive ebooks, or ebooks with custom functionality, creating an app may be more appropriate than ePub or PDF. You can find many applications that can convert your e-Pub or PDF into ready-made apps, like our company’s Kotobee Author. App stores have a larger user base than ebook stores, which is a point worth considering, not to mention more trust towards apps.

The Google Play store charges a one-time fee of $25 for registration and takes 30% commission over app sales. Apple’s app store charges an annual $99 and 30% commission over app sales.

Sell through download store sites

Similarly like apps, if you decide to turn your ebook into an installable desktop application, you have a large number of sites to sell downloads through, such as,,,, or

Now you know how to make money out of your ebook. So, if you haven’t started so already, start writing!

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