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How To Ease Back Into Work After a Vacation

How To Ease Back Into Work After a Vacation?


How To Ease Back Into Work After a Vacation

No matter what industry you’re in, everyone can relate to that feeling of returning to work after a relaxing vacation. It may seem like a simple task, but for many workers coming back to work is a difficult transition.

At PAYFORT we’ve experienced the post vacation blues and we know that they can be productivity killers. That’s why this week we’re bringing you a few time-tested tips to help ease back into the work world. If you want to get the most out of your first days back be sure to keep reading.

Engage in good pre-planning

How you plan for your return will have a big impact on how successful your first day back is going to be. Whenever possible, make contact with a co-worker before returning to your desk and find out what big changes (if any) have occurred while you were away.

Workers who establish clearly defined goals before returning to work have a far better chance of clearing built up work and getting back into their usual routine.

Catch up on communications, but be smart about it

One of the biggest tasks upon returning from a vacation is sorting through the mountain of emails and messages that have piled up in your absence. In many cases there will simply be too much information to give each email your full attention.

Take the time to understand priorities and focus on pulling out the key information.

Take time to enjoy the homecoming

Whether it’s touching base with friends at work, getting updated on new events in the company or reconnecting with a favourite client, coming back from a vacation should be a fun and social event.

Make sure you take advantage of this time to share some stories and relive memories. The human factors are what make returning to work exciting rather than disappointing.

Adjust your work life balance

Another important consideration of returning to work relates to the work life balance, particularly how your personal life affects the workday.

Sleep is the biggest factor: making sure that your sleep schedule matches your work schedule will make the return to work much easier. Along with keeping up on sleep needs, it’s a good idea to plan your meals for your first week.  

Limit access on the first day back

Returning to work will be overwhelming, but making your return incrementally can help. To help with this, clear your first day back and focus on catching up on past events. Limit your incoming phone calls and replying to emails until you’ve caught up on what was missed.

Do you have any tips for those returning from a holiday? Be sure to let us know in the comments below or tweet us @payfort.

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Sr.Marketing Specialist PAYFORT

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