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Social Media in the Arab World – Part 2

Social Media in the Arab world


Social Media in the Arab World – Part 2

Earlier this week we took a look at how social media is being utilized by some of the region’s biggest companies in the Airlines and Travel industries. In this post we’ll be expanding on our review to include the social media trends of Ecommerce, Marketplace Services, and the Events and Entertainment industries.

Whether you’re looking to start up a new business or expand the voice of your current one, you don’t want to miss part two of our “social media in the Arab world” series.

Events and Entertainment

Within the events and entertainment industry Facebook and Twitter are the clear winners. Of the companies surveyed, 31% said Facebook would be their primary focus while 31% will be focusing on Twitter. A surprising up and comer is Instagram with nearly 20% of companies choosing to focus their efforts on the photo based platform.

Social Media Events

Marketplace Services

One of the most varied industries in terms of social focus, Marketplace Services seems to have interest in virtually all platforms. Facebook largely dominates, but a number of companies within the sector are exploring some of the newest platforms to drive consumer engagement

Social Media Marketplace


The largest sector surveyed, Ecommerce is focused primarily on developing Facebook and Instagram, with 41% and 23% of companies focused on these platforms respectively. The recent explosion of Instagram shopping and Facebook’s established user base make them ideal for connecting with consumers and driving them along the sales funnel.

Social Media Ecommerce

Where to Focus

As with part one, if you’re business operates in one of the above sectors, Facebook is your best bet if you can only commit to one network. The larger audience and continued growth allows you to access a large user base quickly and effectively.

The social landscape for the above industries is more varied than that of the travel industry.  In the Events and Entertainment industry Twitter is now attracting as much attention as Facebook; the only industry where a social network has directly challenged Facebook. Instagram is a surprising number two in Ecommerce, with the growth of Instagram shopping driving this new found interest.

Want to learn more about social media in the Middle East? Check out the interactive version of the above data plus lots more at

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