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Social Media in the Arab World – Part 1

Social Media in the Arab world


Social Media in the Arab World – Part 1

No matter what industry you operate in social media has become an important tool to expand your voice and increase brand awareness. What started out as a simple tool for connecting people is now one of the best ways for businesses to create meaningful relationships with their customers.

Unfortunately, limited resources and a constantly changing landscape make it difficult to connect across all platforms. For new businesses it can be difficult to know where you should commit your resources and where you can afford to be unseen.

So where should you be focusing your social efforts? To better understand this question, and the evolving landscape of social media in the Middle East, we reached to companies across the region’s biggest sectors to see where they’ll be focusing in the coming years.

Part one will cover the Travel and Airlines industries and we’ll be posting part two covering Marketplace Services, Events and Entertainment and Ecommerce later this week.


For the Airlines industry, social efforts are focused firmly on Facebook. Nearly 40% of companies will continue to use Facebook as their primary driver for sales and engagement. An interesting underperformer is Google + with no interest from the industry.

Airlines - Social Media


Travel and Tourism

Facebook continues to be the main focus for driving sales in the Travel and Tourism with 30% of businesses focused on growing there pages. Surprisingly, LinkedIn has managed to capture the interest of 15% of companies, likely those that deal in B2B travel arrangements.

Travel - Social Media

Where to Focus

If your business operates in the travel industry and you have to pick just one network, Facebook should be it. With the largest audience and overwhelming support from both industries surveyed, Facebook’s strength is clear.

Twitter sits firmly in the number two spot across both industries with Instagram and LinkedIn battling for third. When it comes to expanding your social focus beyond Facebook and Twitter, you’ll need to consider your goals as well as your region to maximize efficiency.

If you want to learn more about social media in the Middle East, be sure to check out the interactive data at

Is your business on social media? Let us know where you’re focused in the comments below!

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