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Earning Trust in the GCC

Earning Trust in the GCC


Earning Trust in the GCC

When we talk to our merchants about the challenges they face in the Arab World the one theme that always resurfaces is trust. Ecommerce companies face an uphill battle gaining trust with consumers and this slows growth across the region.

Clearly, gaining trust is one of the most important challenges local ecommerce companies face. So what strategies should you pursue to gain consumer trust?

In our conversations with merchants we’ve drawn out four answers to that all important question. Establish a local presence A local presence is a crucial aspect of gaining trust. Consumers in this market are much more comfortable dealing with companies that have visible ties to the country they live in. This is particularly true in Saudi Arabia where foreign concepts and companies often fail to gain traction as they are seen as outsiders that don’t grasp the nuances of life and commerce in KSA. One element of this localization is Arabic content. All too many companies have English only content and websites; this creates a barrier to entry for local audiences who primarily speak Arabic. Personalize your brand It’s also important to demonstrate to customers that your company is more than just a website, but actually a collection of people working towards a common goal.  You can achieve this by featuring your team prominently on your website and putting a face behind every piece of content you create. This will increase consumer trust as people are much more comfortable buying something when they know who they are buying it from. Also be sure to educate your customers as to why your company exists. What’s the belief that informs all the work you do? We’d say more but this legendary TED talk from Simon Sinek sums it up perfectly.

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Simple payments The payment process is of incredible importance, especially in this market where so many consumers are leery of paying online via credit cards. Given those issues your payment page can’t afford to give potential customers a shred of doubt. A well optimized payment page should include a clear user interface, an HTTPS secure address, a Verified by Visa badges and our own Verified by Payfort accreditation. Small signals like these are effective ways of convincing customers that their credit card details will be in safe hands. Check out our previous post on optimizing your platform for more on this subject. Customer service At the end of the day there is no short-cut to earning a consumer’s faith and your company must prove that it is worthy of trust. This the hard work of answering every single query, delivering on time and doing everything in your power to make each purchase seem like a good one. Ecommerce companies must be consumer focused, even if they never see a single customer face to face. This slow process will earn you trust and word of mouth, two things that are invaluable to any business even in this new digital economy.

What have you done to gain consumer trust in the GCC? Fill out our poll to see what the rest of our readers think.

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