There is no doubt that some people are born leaders. They are almost always in sync with people on their team and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve themselves. But just because it comes natural to some, doesn’t mean that only a select few can become leaders in our world. The truth is there are few simple things you can do to become a better leader, and you can start doing them today!

Checkout our list of 5 ways to become a better leader below:


1. Be a positive role model.

As a leader, the way you behave sets the tone for your team and the broader organization. An effective leader conducts themselves in the same way they want their employees to behave, no exceptions for being in charge.

If you establish rules of conduct for your team but act in a way that goes against them, you’ll leave team members confused and potentially resentful. The best way to encourage good habits is to correctly and precisely demonstrate these behaviours yourself.


2. Practice effective communication.

A good leader will make it a priority to ensure their team knows they can openly discuss any issues they have. This mean being approachable giving team member your full attention as they speak.

Beyond day to day interactions, make sure your team knows what you expect from them. If you are vague about roles and responsibilities you’ll end up with a lot of overlap and worse, frustrated team members. Above all, focus on keeping your team up to date and minimizing misunderstandings.


3. Be emotionally aware.

Business is, at its core, interactions between people. As much as we would like to think that people are always rational the truth is emotions come onto play on every team.

Great leaders learn to acknowledge different opinions and consider the nuances of a given to situation to better understand those around them. Emotions usually reveal the deeper, more important points of personal interactions, so ensuring you’re in tune with them will earn you a lot of respect.


4. Think positive.

It is easy to be positive when everything is going well, but true leaders will remain confident even when times are tough. They embrace failures as opportunities to learn, and try to encourage their team to reflect on all events in a positive way.

In general, a positive outlook will help your team stay encouraged and creative, all while maintaining an upbeat environment. Thinking and acting positive go hand-in-hand so try to avoid negativity and do your best to stop it before it gets out of hand.


5. Study past leaders.

As often as possible take some time to look back at people who have held similar positions to yours. Examine the areas where they failed and more importantly look at where they succeeded. Try to be aware of common mistakes made in you field and make proactive choices to avoid them.

Your leadership style doesn’t have to be the same as a previous leader but taking the time to study how they performed is a great way to build a strong foundation.

How do you work to improve your leadership skills? Is there a tip that changed how you lead? Let us know in the comments below and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the PAYFORT Twitter page for daily updates!

Mohamed Sayyed

Mohamed Sayyed

Community and social media manager at PAYFORT